Rumble in the Cage 48 Results

Rumble in the Cage 48    10/26/13

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Pro Fights:

Lee Mein defeats Bobby Kalmakoff via TKO @0:08 Rd 1
Noah Ali defeats Chad Anhelinger via Triangle @0:51 Rd 1
Dia Grant defeats Peter Neufeld via TKO @0:35 Rd 1
Tim Tamaki defeats CJ Bagg via RNC @2:11 Rd 2
Dajan Kajic defeats Zach Manywounds via TKO @2:09 Rd 1
Steve Jellicoe defeats Blair Oster via Triangle @2:26 Rd 1

Amateur Fights:

Ian Odland defeats John Ngyen via Split Decision (Win Fight of the Night)
Colton Cronkite vs Ji Haugen defeats Colton Cronkite via Standing Guillotine @0:22 Rd 2
Laine Keyes defeats Miguel Tock via Guillotine @2:30 Rd 1
Will Stelfox defeats Jessie Clinton via KO (Punch) @0:12 Rd 1 (Will Stelfox wins KO of the night)
Chris Lafantaisie defeats Les Bisson via TKO @0:13 Rd 1
Joe Alisauskas defeats Aaron Anctil via RNC @1:24 Rd 1




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  1. The main fight was very disappointing.

    Firstly – why did Lee Mein pick Bobby Kalmakoff for the main fight? You would think you would pick someone with a good fight record as the headliner? Secondly – Kalmakoff appeared to take a dive? He looked like he was complaining that he was hit in the back of the head (he wasn’t) and maybe trying to get if not a warning maybe a point taken? So when Kalmakoff laid on the canvas clutching the back of his head (pathetically) the ref called the fight as Kalmakoff either appeared to be injured or certainly not defending himself. The fact that within a minute after the BOOs started to fill the place Kalmakoff was trying to gesture to Mein to re-start the fight shows he was not injured. Interesting;y Mein would not even acknowledge the request to re-start, and regardless of if the ref or officials would have allowed a re-starat (unlikely) Mein wouldn’t even acknowledge Kalmakoff – he just started at the canvas and quietly took the “W”.

    You would have thought that Mein would have at least protested and asked for a re-start if Kalmakoff was game – at least try to put on a show for the fans.

    A disappointing final fight that put a damper on the whole show…..

    Maybe it is time for Lee Mein to focus more on putting on the card and less on being on the card?

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