RUFF11 flyweight fight Meixuan Zhang vs. Rijirigala Amu 2


Meixuan vs Amu 2

At RUFF 6 in Inner Mongolia Zhang Meixuan and Amu Rijirigala fought for the first time, with Meixuan winning with a very impressive heel hook in the first round.  Amu didn’t let the loss to the current Flyweight champion throw him off from his goals because he then went on a two fight win streak, finishing all his opponent by submission. Meixuan has always continued bettering his record going 3-0 since his fight with Amu, finishing all opponents by submission as well.  As seen in their past fights these two fighters have kept on getting better, so it was bound to happen that these two would meet in the RUFF cage again. “Amu is getting better now, he is good opponent I will try my best to win.  No matter what the result might be, we enemy only in the cage, out the cage we will be friend whole life” say the Flyweight champion Meixuan. Amu only has two losses with RUFF and has already avenged his first one by tapping out Shang Zhifa in the 2nd round at RUFF 9 and now he has his sights set on avenging the loss to top Chinese flyweight Meixuan.  Both fighters have shown how well rounded they are.  Fans could expect this fight to go anywhere and everywhere.  This is a fight no one should be missing.

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