Ross Campbell submits 3 opponents in one night

Ross “The Dental Floss” Campbell submits 3 opponents in one night

ross3Going into the ShoFIGHT 24: ‘Branson Brawl’ Single Night MMA tournament Ross Campbell was an undefeated 5-0 and was looking to challenge himself. He has fought some tough guys in the past but none of his previous opponents can stack up to the other fighters in this tournament. “The Dental Floss” took on 3 top amateur fighters and defeated all 3 by submission in one night to become the BMF Featherweight Champion. Ross Campbell is now 8-0 and is looking to stay at Lightweight and start taking out the toughest guys in the division. He wants to “fight guys like TJ Brown, CJ Hunter, and Bernard Thomas”. I have seen Ross really grow into a well-rounded MMA fighter and I can’t wait to see what’s next  for him.


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