Rogue Fights : Freedom Fights – Full round by round results!

We are live at the Win River Casino in Redding, CA for Mike Brown’s Rogue Fights – Freedom Fights!


Joseph Harris vs Richard Carranza (135lbs)


Round 1


Richard comes out with a jab right away, and Harris is working out of the clinch, shoots under some more strikes and pushes Richard to the cage, Richard turns and ends up taking down Harris against the fence, Harris takes somes shots and stands, big exchanges from both fighters before circling out, Richard again pressing forward with big shots, trips Harris to the ground, Richard dropping leather from half guard, Harris trying to get back to his feet and Richard takes full mount, some big shots from Richard, Harris turtles but somehow explodes back to his feet. Richard really pressing froward, harris in trouble, Stuck against the cage, tries coming forward and eats a straight jab and a right hook, another hook from Richard, Harris ties him up against the fence, but Richard exits with a big kick. Leg kick from Harris is countered hard, Richard again lands a big couple of punches and Harris shoots, Richard stuffs and throws elbows, and the referee stops the action to warn of 12-6 elbows as the bell sounds.


All Richard Carranza that round, 10-9 on DC’s card


Round 2


Back to action, Big jab again from Richard and Harris counters with a super stiff jab that sends the crowd roaring to action, in the clinch, and separated, Harris looking for the big shot, and Richard goes for the takedown, high guard from Harris and he has a triangle latched, trying to pull it tight, adjusts and pulls for the finish, Richard defending with posture, Harris attacks for an arm, Richard holding on here, but not in a good spot, tries to punch free, Harris pulling down on the head and Richard refuses to tap, still striking. Harris has lots of room in the triangle, Richard not in danger, and Richard gets free, unloads some big shots now, Harris pulls him down at the end of the round, but was in big trouble.


Very good round, DC has it 10-9 for Joseph Harris who can’t answer the bell for Round 3


Richard Carranza defeats Joseph Harris via unable to answer for bell in round 3



Kole Dixon vs Troy Taylor (170lbs)


Round 1


Jab from Dixon early, Troy on the outside, Dixon tries for the clinch, and backs out a big shot from Dixon drops Taylor but he’s up fast, both fighters exchange on the fence and Troy circles out, Dixon pushes forward now, Gets Troy on the fence, lands a few knees and punches and Taylor backs out, leg kick lands for Troy. Good left hook again from Dixon lands, Taylor pushing forward and blocks a high kick, presses Troy to the fence again. Dixon tries for a trip, second attempt works, Dixon on top in full guard, drops some bombs and passes to full guard briefly, then back to half. Dixon staying heavy on top, working short shots from half guard, tries to mount and Troy gets back to his feet, lands his own takedown and some big shots from full guard, Dixon looking for a high guard and Taylor backs out at the end of the round.


Close round, DC has it 10-9 Taylor but could go either way


Round 2


Dixon flurries with striagh shots early and presses Taylor to the fence, knees and punches, Dixon really pushing the action early, Taylor avoids and circles, tries to fire back, comes up short, Dixon presses again has Troy hurt on the fence, keeps laying in with uppercuts and knees, Dixon avoids the trip from Troy and ends up on top, in full mount, lands some shots. Troy tries to roll and Dixon moves to side control and stays heavy. Troy explodes for half guard and Dixon postures, landing some big shots here to the body and head, keeps pounding until the referee stops the action.


Kole Dixon defeats Troy Taylor via TKO in round 2 (2:02)



Bryce Bassett vs Rob Gamble (155lbs)


Round 1


Touch of gloves and Rob coming forward with big strikes early, pressing Bryce to the fence, and unloading with a body kick and some punches, Bryce survives circles out. Hard leg kick from Bryce and a left hook lands flush, Gamble grabs a leg kick and has Bryce on the ground, Gamble in side control. Gamble working for an arm, staying heavy in the position, mounts and Gamble unloads again, Bryce trying to find a way out but can’t get free, Gamble keeps dropping leather and it’s all over. Crowd is upset as Bassett jumps up, but looked to DC like he wasn’t going anywhere from the mount.


Rob Gamble defeats Bryce Bassett via TKO in round 1 (1:47)



Albert Lopez vs Nick Alexander (220lbs)


Round 1


Touch of gloves and Lopez comes forward quick, grabs the clinch, tries for a knee and Alexander pushes, Lopez stuffs and reverses him against the cage, Lopez working knees to the leg, Alexander trying to circle out, Lopez still attacking with knees, they separate and Lopez throws some straight punches, keeps Alexander going backwards, grabs the clinch again and Lopez is looking for knees. Alexander pressing Lopez to the cage, Lopez defending the takedown, and the ref separates the two. Low kick from Alexander and Lopez answers with big punches and presses to the fence again. Alexander circles free, center of the cage, jabs from Alexander are short, Lopez goes with a kick to the body, avoids a low kick. Lopez presses hard against and lands some big shots against the fence at the end of the round.


DC has it 10-9 for Lopez but Alexander hanging in.


Round 2


Alexander has a bloody nose coming into the round, Lopez comes out with a hard kick to the body, Alexander with a straight combo, Lopez has the center, Alexander surviving on the fence. Lopez again throws looking for the finish, leg kick from Alexander, jab and circles out. Right hand from Lopez, big uppercut, and quick break to grab a mouth guard. Back in the center of the cage, Lopez pressing Alexander to the fence, Alexander tries to look for the takedown, presses hard into the clinch and has Lopez against the fence. Lopez looks comfortable defending and the referee separates. Lopez moves forward, eats a straight right from Alexander, fires back with his own shots again before Alexander presses for the takedown and has Lopez against the fence again, Single leg attack is brushed off from Lopez as the final seconds tick down.


Another good round for Lopez who continues to press the action, DC has it 10-9


Round 3


Final round of this war, Lopez pressing and again opens with a body kick, straight right misses, Alexander circles. Lopez presses into the clinch now and has Alexander against the cage, looking for the single, nothing happening, separated. Lopez with a big right, jab, Alexander on his bike, tries to shoot, and Lopez defends and presses Alexander to the fence. Another loose mouthpiece gives some breathing room and we are back at it, Alexander tries to flurry forward, has Lopez to the fence lands knees to the legs of Lopez, looking for the single now. Lopez defending and again it’s separated. Lopez pressing in the final seconds, wings a right hand that misses as the bell sounds.


Tight round, DC has it 10-9 Lopez and we await the official decision


Albert Lopez defeats Nick Alexander via unanimous decision (no scores announced)



Dominic Rivera vs Chris Wilson (170lbs Bucket List)


Round 1


Center and jabs early from both fighters, Wilson dips down for the takedown and Rivera has a guillotine, but Wilson passes to side control, tries to step over to mount, Rivera defends and has Wilson in half guard. Wilson trying to find posture, Rivera stifling well, but Wilson peppering short shots to the body and head. Wilson tries to mount again and has mount, Rivera rolls and Wilson has the back with hooks in and Rivera rolls back to mount, Rivera looking for a way out, Wilson in sidecontrol and mounts again. Wilson posturing again, and Rivera rolls. Wilson staying on top, again has both hooks and attacks for a choke, Rivera defends, and ends up on top shortly before swept by Wilson at the bell.


Good round for Wilson who gets the 10-9 nod on DC’s card


Round 2


Back at it and Rivera lands a hard left hook early that drops Wilson, Rivera follows him and in the scramble grabs a guillotine, it’s deep and Rivera cranks hard for the finish!


Dominic Rivera defeats Chris Wilson via guillotine choke in round 2 (0:29)



Will Hodges vs Nick Snow (145lbs)


Round 1


Touch of gloves and we are off, Will comes running with a knee to the body that lands and circles out, Snow trying to press forward misses a left hook, Will comes forward and eats a left. Hodges grabs for the clinch and eats shots from Snow, escapes, but Snow pressing and has the takedown against the fence, Snow in full guard, drags Hodges from the fence, lots of short shots inside from both fighters here. Snow stuck in full guard, stands and throws but falls into a reverse triangle, Hodges trying to finish with an unorthodox triangle while Snow tries to find a way out. Hodges working for an arm and Snow in a lot of trouble here, in north/south but inside the triangle, at last breaks free. Last ten seconds sees Snow with some more short shots.


Very close round and DC has it 10-9 Hodges but could go either way.


Round 2


Snow cricles and goes for a leg kick and Hodges fires back with a series of punches, Snow defends and shoots, has the takedown. Snow in side control, trying to mount, and does, with posture shortly before Hodges pulls him down. Snow working inside shots, Hodges tries to roll but Snow is keeping heavy in mount with shots to the body. Snow avoids another sweep attempt and looks for posture. More short shots from Snow in mount, moves to side control, knees to the body from Snow, Hodges regains full guard as final ten seconds tick down.


Dominant round for Snow who gets the 10-9 on DC’s card


Round 3


Final round of this featherweight battle, Hard body kick from Hodges early and some hooks, Snow counters with his own right hook and avoids the high kick. Another body kick from Hodges but it’s blocked, Snow pressing forward, misses a big punch, blocks another body kick, Snow lands his own body kick and a punch to the body. Jab from Snow, avoids a straight combo from Hodges, and Snow steps in as Hodges tries to throw, again has the takedown, in full guard. Snow quickly moves to mount, Hodges trying to stifle, short shots from Snow on top. Hodges explodes into a scramble but Snow pulls him back down, in full guard. Referee stands them up, Snow avoids a low kick as the final seconds tick down.


Another solid round for Snow who gets the 10-9 nod on DC’s card and we await the official decision


Nick Snow defeats Will Hodges via unanimous decision (29-28×3)



Jesse Davis vs Willy Boatwright (155lbs)


Round 1


Touch of gloves, Jesse pressing forward, lands against the cage, and Willy tries to fire back,body kick from Willy, circles the outside. Jessegoes high, the low with a kick that lands. Willy presses in the clinch and looks for the trip, pushes Jesse to the fence. Jesse with the trip though, and he’s on top in full guard. High guard from Willy and Jesse passes to half, has posture and drops some punches. Jesse looking to pass again, and moves to side control, attacking an arm, latches the kimura and rolls to guard, trying to muscle it over and Willy is defending, arm is almost in trouble, Jesse has it up, but can’t crank it in, and Willy is at last free. Willy in full guard on top now, trying to find posture, last ten seconds sees Willy find room for a few glancing shots.


Good opening round, DC has it 10-9 Jesse Davis


Round 2


Back to the center and Jesse lands a hard straight right pushes forward to the clinch and now Willy with the trip, but Jesse quickly scrambles on top, in full guard again. Willy with a butterfly, but Jesse passes to half guard, stifling and the referee stands it up. Willy presses with body shots, and a knee that misses but Jesse is coming with big punches. Willy ducks under now and presses for the single against the cage, has Jesse down in half guard. Jesse again attacks for a kimura on the right arm almost uses to sweep but Willy is staying heavy and holds the position. Jesse explodes with a sweep, and is now on top in half guard. Willy using butterflies to create room, back to full guard, stand back up by ref. Left hook lands from Willy and a right hand. Another left from Willy and a hook from Jesse finish the round.


Very tight round, DC has it 10-9 Davis but could go either way


Round 3


Final round, center of the cage and both fighters throw big, Willy looking for uppercut and works into the clinch, Jesse with the takedown though and is on top dropping shots, Willy scrambles back to full guard, but Jesse still on top. High guard attack from Willy but it’s defended and stood up. Willy wings a big shot and Jesse lands a big left hook and another that rocks Willy, he looks for the clinch and Jesse puts him on his back again with a takedown, in full guard. Sweep lands for Willy and he’s in mount for a second before Jesse gets in butterflies and back to full guard. High guard from Jesse, but it’s defended and Willy finds posture for a few shots before Jesse sucks him down. Willy with short shots inside, finds posture and throws bigger but Jesse defending well as the final seconds tick off.


Another close round, DC has it 10-9 Willy Boatwright but we await the official decision


Jesse Davis defeats Willy Boatwright via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)



Matt Trompczynski vs Mike Anderson (185lbs)


Round 1


Touch of gloves and Matt comes with big punches early, Mike avoids and answers with his own big shots before Matt presses into the clinch, tries to throw but Mike ends up on top, defends a choke attempt and moves to mount. An armbar attempt misses and both fighters get back to their feet in the scramble. Mike pressing still and has Matt to the fence, Mike gets a BIG takedown, in half guard while Matt works for a guillotine, arm in. Mike passing to side control, and working shots to the body, still trying to free his head. Lots of action so far. Head is free and Mike moves to mount, Matt defending, keeps him in half but Mike is staying heavy. Mike working for a straight armbar, and Matt defending as the last ten seconds tick down.


Very exciting round, DC has it 10-9 Mike Anderson


Round 2


Big right from Matt coming forward with shots and Mike goes down, big hammerfists from Matt here, has Mike hurt, on the ground in side control. Mike surviving here, more shots from Matt but Mike is back to half guard. Matt with lots of posture, landing hard to the head, but Mike uses a sweep and reverses, now Mike is on top, in full mount and dropping shots! What a war! Matt pulls Mike down, stifling now. Mike with posture again, looks for an arm and goes back to strikes. Matt tries to buck but can’t get free, stifling and the referee stands it up. Mouth piece missing from Anderson, found and back to action. Matt comes in with big strikes again and Mike avoids then shoots for the takedown, lifts Matt off the ground and slams him down to side control. Mike again attacks for an arm as the round comes to a close.


Crazy round, DC has it 10-9 Mike Anderson but could go either way with the big punches early from Matt


Round 3


Final round, Matt moving forward, looks for the right hand and Mike is waiting, dips under for another big takedown, in side control. Knees to the body from Mike, tries to pass and Matt pulls him to half guard. Mike attacks an arm and mounts, but Matt reverses the position, Matt on top, Mike still working for a keylock. Matt in half guard and works free from the submission attempt. Matt with short shots and Mike explodes with a reversal, sweeps to top, in full guard. Mike trying to find posture, works shots to the body, and head. Mike working to keep the position, avoids a sweep attempt, and another. Anderson with posture now, lands a few shots before Matt stifles again, last ten seconds sees Mike remain on top with short shots.


DC has it 10-9 for Anderson and we await the final decision. Super entertaining match here.


Mike Anderson defeats Matt Trompcyznski via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)



Mike Franco vs Tyrone Maxey (170lb Amateur Title Bout)


Round 1


Franco coming out pressing, Maxey throws a kick to the body that glances, tries to shoot and Franco pushes him aside. Franco avoids a headkick, pressing forward and Maxey pulls him into the clinch against the cage, Franco reverses and pressing Maxey hard to the fence, drops down for the single, but Maxey defending. Franco pressuring hard against the fence, and Maxey circles free. High kick misses from Maxey, and a big right wings. Maxey lands a kick to the body and tries to rush forward for the takedown, presses Franco to the fence and pulls out the legs. Maxey on top, in half guard, working short punches to the body and head. Maxey passes to mount, has posture and lands some big shots, rolls with Franco and takes the back, more shots with both hooks in as the round comes to an end.


Good round, DC has it 10-9 Maxey


Round 2


Back at it, Franco coming forward with jabs, Maxey presses for the takedown, has Franco against the cage, and lifts him for a big slam. Maxey in side control and takes the back as Franco tries to stand, both hooks in. Maxey attacking for the choke here, Franco hand-fighting well early, Maxey working hard for the choke here, keeping position with both hooks in, Franco looking to roll still, punching away but Maxey slips the arm under the chin, squeezing hard and it’s all over!


Tyrone Maxey defeats Mike Franco via RNC in round 2 (1:57)



Darron O’Donnell vs Terrell Bosen (HWT Amateur Title Bout)


Round 1


Jabs early from O’Donnell, leg kick from Bosen, Big straights from Bosen moving forward, O’Donnell circles out, more straight jabs from Darren in the center.Leg kick from Darren, Bosen trying to move behind the jab, another hard leg kick from O’Donnell, and another and Bosen goes down and waves off the ref, it’s all over!


Darren O’Donnell defeats Terrell Bosen via TKO to leg kicks in round 1 (1:30)



Bill Widler vs Colton Vaughn (210lbs PRO)


Round 1


Touch of gloves, Widler early shoots for a takedown and Colton is prepared, shakes him off and ends up on top in side control. Vaughn moves to mount, Widler defending well, holding Colton in place, but Widler explodes up into a takedown, Vaughn jumps the guillotine but Widler slips out quickly. Colton reverses and is now on top, moves to mount quickly. Colton with short shots inside, trying to find posture. Widler rolls and Vaughn takes the back, more big shots and Widler is flat, moe shots from Colton and he keeps pouring it on, the referee comes in at last to stop the action.


Colton Vaughn defeats Bill Widler via TKO in round 1 (2:28)



Wes Swofford vs Jason Sharp (185lbs PRO Title Bout)


Round 1


Touch of gloves, Wes with the jabs early in the center, Sharp on the outside. Right hand from Wes clips and Sharp misses a big right hand counter. Sharp tries to press forward with big strikes and eats a HARD counter from Wes Swofford that puts him out on the mat COLD! It is all over!


Wes Swofford defeats Jason Sharp via KO in round 1 (0:29)


That wraps things up! Big thanks to Mike Brown for having us out to his great event here at Win River Casino, can’t wait for the next!

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