RFC 27 Full Recap

RFC 27 Full Recap

Real Fighting Championships 27


Fight #1 Jason Valle vs. Drew Kratky: Although Drew Kratky was rocked early in the fight; he took control of the fight and never looked back. He locked in a submission at the end of the 2nd round but ran out of time. He did damage to Valle with 2 power slams. Kratky wins via unanimous decision. (Featherweight Bout)


Fight #2 Ibragim Todashev vs. Brad May: For the first 2 minutes of the fight both fighters went back and forth until going to the ground. May, being a submission specialist fell victim to a move that he has used many times. Todashev wins via Guillotine at 2:29 of the 1st round. (Lightweight Bout)


Fight #3 Dex Christmas vs. Ryan Seals: In a fight between two wrestling specialists the events of the fight should have been expected. There was very little stand-up involved. Both fighters battled for ground control, but it was Christmas who came out with the win via unanimous decision. (Flyweight Bout)


Following the 3rd fight there was a choreographed MMA demonstration done by 4 young students from Gracie Tampa. It was a well-executed demonstration of Gracie Jiu Jitsu.


Fight #4 Vincent McGuiness vs. Jose Laguar: McGuiness opened the fight with a wonderful flying knee, though it didn’t fully connect. The fight quickly goes to the ground and Laguar gains the top mount and inflicts some serious ground and pound on McGuiness. Laguar wins via TKO at 1:09 of the 1st round. (Lightweight Bout)


Note: Vincent McGuiness suffered what appeared to be a broken arm during the fight. It is unsure how this happened, but it was a serious injury.


Fight #5 Phil Daru vs. Ivan Delvalle: Daru did the first damage of the night with some ground and pound but fell victim to a beautiful submission. Delvalle wins via triangle choke at 4:03 of the 1st round. (Lightweight Bout)


Fight #6 Jesus Rivera vs. Sean Hollis:  Hollis showed why he is called NIGHTMARE. He completely dominated a short fight and though it was ruled a TKO it was clearly a KO. Hollis wins via TKO at 2:29 of the 1st round. (Light-Heavyweight Bout)


Fight #7 Howard Reece vs. Ricardo Rodriguez: The quickest and most decisive fight of the evening came and went like lightning. Reece started the fight by head slamming Rodriguez and finished it quickly with vicious strikes. Reece wins via TKO at :56 of the 1st round. (Lightweight Bout)


Fight #8 Mike Rideout vs. Dervin Lopez: This fight was originally supposed to be a rematch between Mike Rideout and Alex Cruz. Dervin Lopez took the fight on short notice but showed no signs of a disadvantage. It was a total domination by Lopez, he got the win via TKO at 1:31 of the 1st round.


Fight #9: Main Event Jared Crawford vs. Geane Herrera: This fight featured 2 undefeated fighters, Crawford with a 4-0 record and Herrera with a 3-0 record, and was for the Florida Bantamweight Championship. Herrera had the advantage from the beginning. While they each battled for control for a minute, it was Herrera who took over the fight and won with a beautiful submission. Herrera wins via Triangle Choke at 2:39 of the 1st round. (Bantamweight Bout)


Note: Following the fight, Geane Herrera announced that he would be dropping down to the Flyweight Division.


Mention needs to be given to Banks MMA and Jiu Jitsu for going 3-0 in fights won by Sean Hollis, Dervin Lopez, and Geane Herrera.


RFC 27 was nothing short of an amazing night of fights. The Real Fighting Championships put on an amazing evening filled with hungry MMA fighters looking to insert themselves in the world of professional MMA.


RFC 28 will take place in Punta Gorda, FL on November 17, 2012.






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  1. ALOT OF RABBIT PUNCHING, REF CALLED FIRST FEW TIMES THEN JUST WATCHED.Guess you really need to know people This was SAD I don’t want to watch any fight tha’s not fair . WIN OR LOSE YOU WANT TO YOU ARE THE BEST . This fight sdid not show me that, Want to see a real fight between the two win lose or draw come on fight promoters!

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