A Record Eight FCFF Belt Fights in One Night at Rumble @ The Roseland 70 on March 9th

A Record Eight FCFF Belt Fights in One Night at Rumble @ The Roseland 70 on March 9th

Two Female Title Fights & Epic Rematch in the Flyweight Division

Alex Corrales Connects with Brian Tsutsumi with a KO kick in 17 seconds of round number one at rumble at the roseland 65

Alex Corrales Connects with Brian Tsutsumi with a KO kick in 17 seconds of round number one at rumble at the roseland 65

Portland, OR – On Saturday, March 9th the FCFF is bringing a loaded fight card to Portland, Oregon for Rumble @ The Roseland 70. A record, eight FCFF belt fights are on the card, including 7 FCFF Championship fights and one 155-pound Superfight. This includes two female fights in the opposite ends of the weight divisions (at 115-pounds and 205-pounds) and a Flyweight FCFF Title re-match; where their last meeting ended in a round one knockout. All fights will take place in the 25-foot steel cage known to fight fans as “The Slammer.” Doors open at 6pm with the fights beginning at 7pm. Tickets available at Safeway TicketsWest locations or online atwww.ticketswest.com. Updated fight cards available at www.thefcff.com.

About the Title Fight: Crowd favorites in the Flyweight division will rematch for the FCFF Title at Rumble @ The Roseland 70. The current FCFF 125-pound Champion, Alex Corrales of Bend, Oregon will meet Brian Tsutsumi of Impact JJ in the cage for the third time. In their first meeting, Tsutsumi defeated Corrales via a split decision at Rumble @ The Roseland 62 on March 10th 2012. They met again at Rumble @ The Roseland 65 on August 25th. This time Corrales came out blazing and landed a head kick knockout in only 17 seconds of round number one. This KO earned him the FCFF “Knockout of the Year” award. Additionally in 2011, Corrales won the FCFF “Most Improved” award and had wins at Rumble @ The Roseland 65, 64, 58, 57 and 52. In Tsutsumi’s last FCFF fight (since the head kick KO) he faced the mega-tough David Converse and won via a hard fought decision victory at Rumble @ The Roseland 67. He is eager to get back in the cage against Corrales for the FCFF Flyweight Championship belt. “This fight is what the FCFF is all about. They’ve met twice, they’ve each won once. This rematch is for the belt, for reputation, for everything,” said FCFF Co-owner Kevin Keeney, “they’re both great fighters that will graduate into the pro ranks very soon.” For more info contact the fighters directly at: Brian Tsutsumi brijr58@gmail.com (402) 321-0753 & Alex Corrales alexcorrales8@yahoo.com (727) 637-1101

Katie Howard, the new FCFF 115-pound Champion from Rumble @ The Roseland 69 (January 19th 2013) will attempt to defend her FCFF Title for the first time against local MMA veteran Emily Whitmire of Animal House MMA. FCFF fans have been starving to see Whitmire fight since her last bout in August, where she came up short for the FCFF Title against Emily Corso in the Flyweight division. Whitmire has had three title fights lined up against Janna Piper since August, “…and for some reason they all got cancelled. Two were with the FCFF and one with Budo; talk about frustration,” said Whitmire. “Katie improves greatly every time I see her fight. She is a tough girl and I’m excited for the challenge. It’s my turn to shine and I’m ready for war,” she said. Howard has been paving her way in MMA over the past year and making a name for herself as well as her gym. She debuted into FCFF competition at Rumble @ The Roseland 64 in July and hasn’t turned down a challenge. In her Title fight victory at Rumble 69 she kept her composure and dominated in the home stretch to earn the decision victory after five rounds of battle against Kyra Batara. “She is constantly improving and expanding her skill set, always striving to take her conditioning and her game to new levels,” said her coach, Sarah Oriza of G.I.R.L.S. Gym. Howard only suffered one loss and “…she hopes to get the opportunity to …  avenge her loss to Amanda Loewen at 135 lbs.” Howard has fought in a variety of weight class divisions from 135-pounds to 115-pounds and plans to make tracks towards the FCFF 125-pound Title Belt in 2013. For more info please contact the fighters directly at: Emily Whitmire emwhitmire@hotmail.com (360) 566-7663  & Katie Howard coachsarah@mygirlsgym.com (503) 960-9257

The 155-pound FCFF Superfight is definitely getting some attention as a “Fight to Watch” at Rumble @ The Roseland 70. The former 145-pound FCFF Featherweight Champion and 150-pound FCFF Superfight Champion, Jason Gray will battle against John Baker of The Sports Lab on March 9th. These two fighters have both been on winning streaks, with ten collective wins between them, in their last twelve fights. “These guys are like two freight trains headed for each other. They both have great momentum right now and this matchup is a treat for fight fans,” said Keeney. Baker has had five submission victories at Rumble 68, 63, 62, 61 and 60 (chokes and armbars) plus a decision victory at his last fight at Rumble @ The Roseland 69 in January. Gray has been victorious via the judges’ decision in his last three FCFF fights at Rumble 68 (earned the FCFF 150-pound Superfight belt), Rumble 67 (earned the FCFF Featherweight belt) and Rumble 62 (undercard fight against Abraham Campos). For more info please contact them directly at Jason Gray 3411gray@gmail.com(253) 217-3476 & John Baker (503) 863-7424

Two women will face-off in the 205-pound weight class division in the fourth belt fight at Rumble @ The Roseland 70. Hillary VanOrnum, a familiar face in the local MMA and Jiu-jitsu scene will face newbie, Myndi Stalnaker of Team Thunderdome at The Octagon. Stalnaker has undergone a personal transformation, losing 110 pounds so far. Stalnaker brings a family history in boxing to her mma training, which started at Alive MMA and is full-time with Jana Simms at “The Octagon MMA” where she also works. “Being in this industry has changed my life in so many ways, I would love to lead by example and to show them [her female teammates] that anything is possible,” says Stalnaker, “I’d like to get a couple more fights in this year, regardless if I win this fight or not.” VanOrnum’s debut into mma came at the FCFF’s Rumble @ The Roseland 59. There she beat Danae Castle via TKO in round number two. Her next FCFF fight was at Rumble @ The Roseland 65 in August of 2012. This fight went to decision against Leanne Foster and VanOrnum came out on top. VanOrnum has a brown belt in Judo and purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and was a former Division I basketball player. She’s been training in mma for about five years. In June of 2011, she went to the World Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships and got fifth place. At Worlds, she beat the current Brazilian National Champion, the current Blue Belt Lightweight World Champion and European Champion. For more info on the fighters please contact them directly at: Myndi Stalnaker myndelicious47@gmail.com (503) 906-0846 & Hillary VanOrnum hillary.vanornum@gmail.com (571) 215-2984

The FCFF 170-pound Welterweight Championship has been left vacant since Luis Iniguez relinquished it to turn pro, after his win at Rumble @ The Roseland 68 on December 15th 2012. Two top FCFF Welterweights, from two great gyms will collide at Rumble @ The Roseland 70: Michael Delgado of Team Quest and Ryan Walker of the Sports Lab. Delgado has had five wins in his last five FCFF fights at Rumble 69, Rumble 68, Rumble 65, Rumble 62 and 60. “One thing about Michael is that he finishes his fights. Every time the cage door closes he’s ended it by tapout or TKO. Fighters and fans respect that,” said Keeney. Delgado, a submission expert, has had tapouts due to kimora, rear naked choke, and triangle; ending most of his wins in round number one.

A key match-up in the FCFF’s Lightweight division will occur at Rumble @ The Roseland 70. Two very familiar names will finally face off for the FCFF’s 155-pound Interim Title: Bryan Nuro of Impact JJ and Sean Baker of Hood River, Oregon. Nuro, a combative sports coach and personal trainer has had three wins in FCFF competition. Recently, he got the decision victory over Billy Denney at Rumble @ The Roseland 67 -and- the decision victory over Jason Gray at Rumble @ The Roseland 66. Nuro will face Baker, who won the FCFF’s 2011 “Rookie of the Year” award. In 2011 he debuted and set an undefeated record with wins at four FCFF events. Baker also holds the 170-pound championship belts with two other fight organizations: House of Chaos and BudoFights. “This will be Sean’s first fight in a year and we are happy to have him back in the cage,” said Keeney.  For more info on the fighters please contact them directly at: Bryan Nuro bryannuro7@gmail.com (503) 679-2067  & Sean baker Sean.baker20@yahoo.com (503) 484-4966

At Rumble at the Roseland 65 Jake Smith became the FCFF Middleweight Champion. He added this Championship belt to his collection. He holds two other belts (in the 205-pound division) from the NorthWest Championship production. He took home the FCFF 185-pound belt in August of 2012 after a five-round-war against John Garcia in a split decision victory. For the first time, he will attempt to defend his FCFF Title on March 9th against John Simon, who “is tough as nails,” said Keeney. Simon recently had a crowd-stunning KO victory over Daniel Phil in round three at Rumble @ The Roseland 67. He also won at Rumble @ The Rosleand 65 via a round one tapout over Travis Gwin. For more info on the fighters please contact them directly at: John Simon battlegtoundcombatclub@gmail.com  & Jake Smith papaj189@Yahoo.com (360) 989-7254

Also on the Rumble @ The Roseland 70 fight card is an FCFF Bantamweight Title fight. Jess Moore, the former 145-pound Featherweight Champion has been on-and-off fight cards in 2012. The 135-pound Champion, Dylan Atkinson has relinquished the Bantamweight belt to go pro and has left it vacant. Jess Moore was scheduled to fight Journey Newson from Impact JJ at Rumble @ The Roseland 69 and the fight is back on for Rumble @ The Roseland 70.

The full fight card is available at www.thefcff.com. Tickets available at www.ticketswest.com or at safeway tickets west locations. Doors open at 6pm at the Roseland Theater and tickets can be purchased at the door. Fights start at 7pm.  Please do not hesitate to contact the FCFF press passes, larger pictures, more pictures or additional information.

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