Invicta FC 2 brings top fighters from all over the World.

I realized something when I went to Invicta FC 2, I really need to educate myself on female fighters. There are so many female fighters out there, and a lot of us have no idea who they are because they have not really had the exposure or recognition. Of course, we all talk about a few stars like Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate – but we should also be talking about other female fighters. Shannon Knapp brought the top fighters from all over the World to showcase and put WMMA on the map. I respect Shannon Knapp very much because I feel like this is something the sport needs, and something fans really need to get behind and support. It’s important to all of us here at that we put our time into covering regional shows all over the World, including promotions like Invicta FC.

Invicta 2 had so many great fights, but there was one fight that stuck in my head all night Amanda Nunes vs Raquel Pa’aluhi.  Amanda Nunes is one of the best strikers in the game, but Raquel Pa’aluhi had no problem with taking the fight on short notice, proving that she was game when she came in and exchanged and took Amanda Nunes to the ground, taking her back for about 2 minutes, but was not successful in getting her hooks in. Amanda eventually shakes Pa’aluhi off and Pa’aluhi gives her back, and Amanda sunk in a deep deep RNC putting Pa’aluhi to sleep. Amanda Nunes is one of the best strikers in the 135lb. division. She has finished 90% of her fights. This is a female fighter that everyone should be focusing on. She is 7-2 and as you will see in the video she has killer instinct.

Check out the Fight! FC 2 Nunes vs Pa’aluhi.

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  1. The fights were awesome everyone single on of them. The premlis were just out of this world. 105pds division had some serious action. I actually got to spend some time with a couple of the fighters and I am telling you they are the sweetest women ever. InvictaFC 2 was an amaIng historical event for WMMA! I am a Kansas city girl and fully support invictafc2. Need more coverage on getting to know these women! ALL OF THEM!

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