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One thing has never changed when it comes to combat sports, heavyweights are the fighters that put butts in seats!! Smealinho Rama(5-0) is one of those heavyweights that will be putting a lot of butts in seats as he wreaks havoc in the heavyweight division across Canada.  Smealinho is five fights into his career and fighting for the third time on a Maximum Fighting Championships card, there may not be a hotter pro fighter on the planet.  Having fought five times in 2012 and never hearing the bell to end round one Rama is looking to dispatch of Mike Hackert on February 15th at MFC 36 in Edmonton Canada in similar fashion.

Smealinho started training mixed martial arts as a teenager after developing his athleticism through playing a variety of sports growing up. Rama has positioned himself squarely on top of the wave of upcoming heavyweights that have that athleticism that is typically associated with the lower weight classes.  If you are not familiar with Smealinho Rama you should finish this article then immediately go to YouTube and watch his fights!!!  

Training out of Independent MMA under the tutelage of Vlad Goldenstein, Smealinho gives the staff and teammates there all the credit for his success.  He trains mostly with his cousin Elvis Vukaj and Ryan Hunter, but also likes the interaction he gets with all the fighters in his gym because they can all show him things and help him progress.  Rama plans to make Independent MMA his home for the foreseeable future.  The caring, supportive environment of Independent MMA is one of the main aspects that Smealinho appreciates and does not feel that could be replicated at any other gym.  

With Mike Hackert and the #1 Contendership for the Maximum Fighting Championship Heavyweight Strap on the horizon the future could not be brighter.  Smealinho expects his fight with Hackert to really show his true abilities and that he will shine in the bright lights of the MFC stage.  An extended training camp has Smealinho expects this fight to be fast and brutal. 

Smealinho Rama would like to thank the following people for their support as he chases his dream of being a World Champion: Independent MMA, Vlad Goldenstein, Elvis Vujak, Ryan Hunter, Frenchie, Anderson, Allen, Tony, Mark, Kevin, Keegan, Calgary Tattoo Company, Smash MMA, Victory Mouthguards, Hype MMA, Optimum Wellness Center and Hyabusa.  Without the support of these people and the work with his coaches and teammates Smealinho does not feel he would be on the way to living up to his potential and talent.

Tune in February 15th as the undefeated Smealinho Rama makes a statement when he squares off with Mike Hackert at Maximum Fighting Championship 36 in Edmonton.

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