Pahlavan Promotions 20 Results

Pahlavan Promotions 20

Fight #1 (KB exhibition match): Youngsters, Hunter Guarino and Spencer Wade put on an exciting match (2×2 minute rounds)

Fight #2 (KB) 185lb: Leigh Andre defeats Filomeno Osorio by Unanimous Decision.
Fight #3 #PahlavanPromotions (KB) 170lb: Robert Suter defeats Casey Leventis by TKO at 0:45 of the 2nd round
Fight #4 #PahlavanPromotions (KB) (130lb): Victoria Debroux defeats Jenna Marshal via TKO (body kick) at 1;29 1st round
Fight #5 was a nonstop brawl. (KB 155lb) Lewis Reyes defeats William Howley by Split Decision.
Fight #6 #PahlavanPromotions (MMA 155lb) Doug Purvis defeats Aaron Josiah by Unanimous Decsion.
Fight #7 #PahlavanPromotions (KB 110lb) #WMMA @Cheyvlis defeats Daniella Duran by Unanimous Decision.
Fight #8 (MMA) Junaure Saintill defeats Tony Leone by Decision for the ISKA/FL LIGHTWEIGHT TITLE
Fight #9 #PahlavanPromotions (KB 170lb) Tyrone Robinson defeats Eric Brown by Unanimous Decision.
Fight #10 #PahlavanPromotions (MMA 150lb) Gabe Rodriguez defeats Chris Numan by Unanimous Decision.
Fight #11 Juan Santiago defeats Johnny Garcia by Decision for the ISKA Southeast Light-Welterweight title.
Fight #12 #PahlavanPromotions (KB 130lb) #WMMA Kalen Summers defeats Tiffany Wimmer by TKO at 0:37 3rd round.
Fight #13 Jorge Capozzoli defeats Kai Hylton by TKO at 0;49 4th round for the ISKA/FL Middleweight Title.
Fight #14 #PahlavanPromotions (KB 100lb) Migule Cruz defeats Mitch Hamilton by Majority Decision.
Fight #15 Bill Swift defeats Tony Murphy by Armbar at 1:23 1st round for the ISKA/FL Middleweight Title.
MAIN EVENT Nihal Punjani defeats Imran Haddabah by decision for the ISKA/USA LIGHT-MIDDLEWEIGHT TITLE

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