Order ShoFight 22 now!!!

Order ShoFight 22 now!!!

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By Chris Gregory


I have been covering MMA in Missouri for about 2 years now and I just want to say that JT Tilley is one hell of a promoter. He is the only promoter in this area to pull off the best pro fight card I have ever seen (ShoFight 20) and he is the only promoter that has his fights streaming on the internet. I hope the fighters that are fighting at ShoFight 22 realize how big of an opportunity they are getting. The fighters are now being showcased on a bigger scale than just locally now. These fighters are now able to get national exposure which means possible sponsorships and opportunities in the future. The best thing about ShoFight streaming online is that your friends and family that can’t make it to your fight can still watch it online for just $9.99. (You can purchase 5 ShoFight events for the price of one UFC fight)


I know that several family members of  ‘The Afro Samurai” Marco Hutch (5-0) will be watching him all the way from Detroit as he tries to stay undefeated in the ShoFight cage. His opponent Pat “Do Work” Garcia (9-4) has fans out in California that probably have not seen him fight because he has been fighting in Missouri for several years that will now get to see him fight thanks to ShoFight. This is going to be a great Main event and I can’t wait to see who wins the ShoFight Grand Prix Championship belt! I have watched Pat Garcia go from fighting at Heavyweight to fighting at Welterweight and he has been very successful since losing all the weight. Marco Hutch is a young rising fighter that is going to be a future star in MMA. I have watched this young man train and he takes in everything he hears. He is like a sponge that is soaking up MMA knowledge and has dominated every opponent put in front of him.

Another fight I know a lot of fans will be watching is Katy Collins vs. Brittany Dugas. Katy Collins has made a name for herself by going up against every top female fighter in the area. She is one of the most popular female fighters on Twitter with over 1200 followers and they are all die hard “Red Dragon” fans. I don’t know much about Brittany Dugas but I know that watching Katy Collins fight is worth $9.99.

The final fight I want to highlight is Undisputed ShoFIGHT Bantamweight Champion Joseph Fulk (7-2) vs. undefeated COH Champion Chris ‘Thurmanator’ Thurman (6-0) in a Featherweight SUPERFIGHT. From what I have been told there has been a lot of trash talk between Fulk’s fan and Thurman’s fans online. I see a local rivalry coming our way. If that’s the case I expect these guys to go in there and go toe to toe because one thing I know about rivalries in this area is they run deep and people get very emotional about the fighters they support. I have never seen Fulk in a boring fight and I don’t expect this one to be anything different.

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