OCTOBER 2013 – Live from BANGKOK – DARE 1/2013

OCTOBER 2013 – Live from BANGKOK – DARE 1/2013


There have been many significant dates in History that people hold their breathe for. Without knowledge of what is to come expectations can grow to disastrous heights. Y2K, 2012, the funny times in life where we see the masses around us start to stock pile water and cans of tuna.Now let that idea of powerful moments in History fornicate with MMA…. No no no! Let Moments in History fornicate with Asian MMA! The future is near at hand. And October is the time. Bangkok is the place. Dare Fight Sports is Coming!This October you Could be in any number of places around the Globe. But Unless you are being attacked by Somali Pirates, you are Not in the Coolest place that you Could be. You could be off the Coast of Key West Diving for Pirates Booty, But that too, would Not have you at the Most Exclusive Event on the Globe.Make sure you tell the Wife there’s a Convention this October and you’re going to need a Long Weekend. Because a DARE Event isn’t just one night at the Local Stadium with the masses. It’s a Full Tilt Weekend of Bad Choices and Awesomeness.

Asia’s Coolest Most Exclusive Mixed Martial Arts Organization is Proud to Announce that this October, it will be once again be opening up it’s Heart and Home to the Public.

Live from Bangkok, DARE will be hosting A Party that only the Original Fight Capital of the World can Handle. Break it down and get ready.



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