NW BJJ Challenge Results

NW BJJ Challenge Results  8/10/13
Black Belt 190 lbs
Marcello Salazar def Ben Baxter 2-0

Black Belt 220+ lbs
James Puopolo def Gustavo Dias 4-2

Black Belt 220+ lbs
Luiz Pedro def James Foster 6-2

Black Belt 185 lbs
Filip Matos def Justin Nelson by Tapout to Wrist Lock

Back Belt 160 lbs
Eben Kaneshiro def Jeff Hougland by Tapout

Brown Belt 185 lbs
Nick Gilardi def Coby Parmenter by Tapout to Armbar

Brown Belt 155 lbs
Matthew Nielsen def Brock Doyle by Tapout

Purple Belt 176+ lbs
Timothy Edmond def Mark Chapell 15-2

Purple Belt 175 lbs
Aaron North def Abel Bricenco by Tapout

Blue Belt 176+ lbs
John Butler def Aaron Neuman 6-0

Blue Belt 175 lbs
Kyle Cox def Andrew Gundlach by 2 advantage points


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