Florida Combat Network: FCC 3 Fright Night Recap

Florida Combat Network: FCC 3 Fright Night Recap

By Matthew Gaither

FCC 3 Fright Night

The Florida Combat Network held true to their word by putting on a phenomenal night of fights. Florida Combat Challenge 3 was exciting from beginning to end. There were 12 fights scheduled, though 1 was cancelled. The 11 remaining fights on the card were packed with WARRIORS who brought their best! Dion Delauder, of the FCN, lived true to his word that the FCN would deliver an exciting night of fights! There were numerous fighters in attendance, all hoping for just what was promised. Recent WCFL Middleweight champ, David Mundell of Clearwater MMA, was in the house! Sean “Nightmare” Hollis was in the house supporting fellow Banks Jiu Jitsu fighter, Julio Valladares. Bellator FC fighter and ATT member, Jessica Aguilar, was there supporting local MMA! FCC 3 even had Corey “The Real Deal” Hill in the house supporting his fellow teammate, Telly Wells. Many great teams from around Florida were well represented, as were some fight teams from other parts of the country. The house was packed with hungry MMA fans, all hoping to see what had been promised to them. All in all, it was a night to remember as 22 fighters would step in the cage to go to WAR!

(All fights consisted of 3, 3 minute rounds.)

Fight #1

Paul Sandoval vs. Julio Valladares: Valladares came, he saw, and he conquered. He went right to business and ended the fight in under a minute.Valladares wins via 1st round TKO.

Fight #2

Brandon Nehls vs. Mark Cain: in the 1st round, Nehls showed much better control for being in his debut fight. Cain landed some good punches in the 2nd round and great body kicks in the 3rd. This fight came down to the ground work, in which Nehls displayed much more of. Nehls wins via Unanimous Decision.

Fight #3

Jafar Fortt vs. Josh Garcia: Fortt dominated this fight from the first second. He came in and went right to work, securing a beautiful submission victory.Forrt wins via 1st round Triangle Choke.

Fight #4

Robert Gillion vs. Jerad Gonsalves: Both fighters came in ready to brawl, they exchanged punch after punch until going to the ground where no significant advantage was take in the 1st round. Gonsalves landed a big takedown in the 2nd as well as some submission attempts. He attempted an armbar in the 3rd round and showed some better ground work. Gonsalves wins via Split Decision.

Fight #5

Jordan Ammens vs. Keith Cooper: “The Bloody Brawlers”. In what would have been the FOTN if that was awarded, both of these WARRIORS truly went to WAR! They brawled and brawled and brawled for 3 full rounds. Both fighters were bloodied and beaten; they left it all in the cage! They slugged it out all the way to a decision. Ammens was the victor, as he caused a significantly larger amount of damage. Ammens wins via Unanimous Decision.

Fight #6

Keith Swetland vs. Anthony Califano: The 1st round was spent with both fighters dancing around each other. Swetland landed a nice combo to end the round. He would continue the onslaught in the 2nd round until Califano would go to the ground to avoid the punches. Califano attempted an armbar, but Swetland just threw him off. Both fighters showed their exhaustion in the 3rd until Califano did some damage with leg kicks. Swetland wins via Split Decision.


Tyrone Logan vs. Jesse Gardner: Gardner was the bigger aggressor in the 1st round, even getting Logan’s back and putting his hooks in only to have the time run out on the 1st round. He would continue this work in the 2nd though, displaying great Jiu Jitsu. Though Logan would land a nice combo in the 3rd, it was Gardner who just proved to be faster and stronger. Gardner wins via Unanimous Decision.

Fight #8

Tim Simonell vs. Michael Cora: Simonell landed an accidental nut shot early in the fight. From this point on a spark was ignited in Cora. The fighters brawled, with Cora coming out on top with a beautiful TKO at the buzzer of the 1st round. Cora wins via TKO at 3:00 of the 1st round.

Fight #9

Eric Gosnay vs. Telly Wells: The 1st round seemed evenly matched. Wells attempted a Guillotine, but was unsuccessful. The 2nd round saw some cage work, with both fighters exchanging knees against the cage. Wells landed a big head kick in the 3rd, but nothing came of it. Gosnay made it evident that he wanted the fight to be on the ground. Gosnay wins via Split Decision.

Fight #10

Shaun Scott vs. Keiton Jones: Scott landed a big body slam early and quickly went to work in convincing fashion. He locked in an untraditional Guillotine and put Jones to sleep. Scott wins via Guillotine in the 1st round.

Fight #11

Votypka Clark vs. Dan Martinez: Martinez came out like a hurricane. He went right to work, taking Clark to the ground and showing total control. In the 2nd round Martinez landed a huge power slam, went right back to work and finished the fight. Martinez wins via Triangle Choke in the 2ndround.

FCC 4 is scheduled for some time in January of 2013. You can find out more about this event and future ones, as well as many others throughout Florida at http://www.floridacombatnetwork.com/


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