UVC 26: Uprising – Recap and Results

The Ultimate Victory Challenge made its way to an unfamiliar venue this past Saturday. UVC 26 was initially supposed to take place at The Aladdin Shrine Temple on November 2nd but was postponed until November 23rd, where it was held in the Lausche building on the Ohio State Fairgrounds. The usual crowd of hardcore MMA fans were in attendance, though they were fewer in numbers on this particular night. That of course did not impact the action whatsoever. The night consisted of six amateur fights and two professional fights with the main event ending with a bang.

Amateur Fights

265lbs: Tyler Mullins vs. Mo Benzegaia

This back and forth opening fight captured the crowd’s attention in a hurry. It was clear from the get-go that Benzegaia wanted to strike and Mullins wanted to wrestle. The 2nd round ended up being the deciding factor in this fight, with Benzegaia’s striking earning more in the judge’s eyes than Mullins lone takedown. Benzegaia won via split decision (29-28 28-29 29-28).

155lbs: Ronnie Wilson vs. Blake Bitticker

No love was lost in this fight. It all started with the denial of an opening glove touch and ended with the sinking in of a rear naked choke. Wilson dominated every second. It was all over after a judo throw into side control was followed by a back mount that led to the choke. Wilson won at 1:11 of round 2.

170lbs: Alex Johnston vs. Mark McVicker

Johnston and McVicker put on a great fight that went back and forth. Even though it was a great one for the fans, Johnston seemed to hold a slight edge throughout. In the 3rd round Johnston landed one of his several big takedowns and sunk in an armbar to win at 1:11.

155lbs: Julian Silvey vs. Jesus Pacheco

 If for some reason you’re a fan of blood this was the fight for you. An early barrage by Pacheco cut Silvey badly. Despite multiple mad scrambles, Pacheco was able to control Silvey once he got him on the ground. Pacheco delivered some brutal ground and pound that prompted a TKO stoppage in the 2nd round (no time announced).

135lbs: Sean Highfill vs. Floyd Cisco

This fight was one that wouldn’t exactly fall under “fight of the night”. Of course, Highfill did take the fight on short notice so it is understandable. Highfill’s wrestling was the key factor in this one. He achieved takedown after takedown and landed some ground and pound in between to win a unanimous decision (30-27 X3).

145lbs: Darnell Pettis vs. Jordan Schembri

Whenever either of these fighters step into the cage it makes for an exciting fight. Schembri easily won round 1 by landing a big shot that dropped Pettis early and controlling the rest of the round. Round 2 was more of the same until Pettis reversed positions on the ground and landed some brutal shots. Schembri was unable to answer the bell in round 3 giving Pettis the TKO victory.


160lbs: Stephen Singleton vs. William Max Scoby

The first of the two professional fights at UVC 26 ended as quickly as it started. Scoby earned a takedown following some crisp striking. The problem was that he fell right into Singleton’s triangle choke. After a failed slam to escape by Scoby, Singleton sunk in the choke even more. The tap came at 4:05 of round 1.

265lbs: Justin Woods vs. Tim Dunn

Remember when I said that this fight card ended in a bang? Well I wasn’t lying. These two heavy hitters slugged it out for the short time they were in the cage. Woods landed the more effective striking and dropped Dunn early. Woods won via TKO at 3:25 of round 1.

Alex Johnston trying to earn a win in his MMA debut against Mark McVicker by way of triangle choke.

Alex Johnston trying to earn a win in his MMA debut against Mark McVicker by way of triangle choke.


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