NAAFS: Combat Challenge 21- Review

NAAFS: Combat Challenge 21- Review

By Spencer Kirksey [twitter]

   A nice Saturday night watching fights with my girlfriend, it doesn’t get much better than that. Well actually it does because of the 12 NAAFS Combat Challenge 21 fights only 3 went the distance. It was a night filled with finish after finish as the crowd was treated to non-stop action! From the 3 round war between Devontai Moore and Nate Davies to the brutal KO win for Dustin Wolf, there was nothing short of entertainment.

Matt Campbell finishes Josh Burr in :47 seconds via triangle

In one of the nights first fights Josh Burr controlled Campbell sending him to the mat with a driving takedown. The thing is it seemed like that’s where Campbell wanted to be as he locked on a triangle choke from the bottom tapping Burr only 47 seconds in.

Nate Davies gets the decision victory over Devontai Moore

From the opening seconds of this prelim fight you could tell that these two were ready for war. Not only did the first round contain every aspect of MMA but Moore actually survived a mounted triangle (resulting from him slamming Davies) in the closing seconds to make it to round 2! The following two rounds saw multiple striking exchanges with Davies getting the better of them. It was clear that Davies won the fight but I think the true winner were the fans in attendance. In my opinion this was the fight of the night.

Dustin Passalacqua taps Chris Hahn to get first career win

You could tell that the main card was underway after these two touched gloves. A fast paced fight that went all over the cage, that is until Dustin dropped him and sunk in a Rear Naked Choke late in round 1. The submission was pulled off as Hahn was trying to get back to his feet. It was a great debut for the Team Strong Style fighter.

Kenny Jackson makes quick work and KO’s AJ Bosley in round 1

From start to finish it was all Jackson who swarmed AJ early. Jackson obviously held the advantage in the standup game rocking his opponent several times before finally landing a left uppercut, knocking him out cold. It was easy to see that AJ was out, so easy in fact that Jackson didn’t even need any follow up shots.

Allana Jones gets the decision nod over Ashley Hawkins

It was time for the women to step into the cage. Despite being in hostile territory, Jones was able to out strike Ashley in all 3 rounds and also get the better of her in the wrestling department. Although there was a couple of scramble situations on the ground, a hard fought win went to Jones who will be able to go back to Illinois happy.

Dustin Wolf remains undefeated (4-0) knocking out Nick Olei

As the main event began the entire crowd was on their feet. They would remain there too because Dustin (despite being the recipient of a low blow) was only 2 minutes and 16 seconds away from landing a devastating right that would send Olei into dream land. Up to that point it seemed fairly even in the standup and clench. But it was Dustin who prevailed sending Team Strong Style home 2-0 on the night (See Dustin Passalacqua’s win above).

Matt Campbell after his :47 second victory


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