All Martial Arts Championship: AMA 7 Results And Photos: Sponsored By

TeamMadHouse member James Findlay is live at the Fraserview Hall 8240 Fraser Street, Vancouver, British Columbia View Map · Get Directions recording the results.

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Lucas Taylor defeats Kurtis Waterson – Muay Thai

Landon Larson defeats Dominick Yeung – Muay Thai

Reese Wood defeats Micah Todd – MMA

Kody Smith defeats Juan Castillo – Muay Thai

Jessica Hanna defeats Soukaini Magdalena – Muay Thia

Shaun Dhillon defeats Milad Abduluali – MMA

Michael Milosiewicz defeats Kyle Hanna – Muay Thai

Mike Crisp defeats Aaron Chinn – Mauy Thai

Sia Kaskamanindis defeats Marylen Martin – Mauy Thai

Dane Newll defeats David Cunningham – MMA



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