Global Proving Ground (GPG) Launches Worldwide Fight League

Global Proving Ground (GPG) Launches Worldwide Fight League

Global Proving Ground

Los Angeles, CA – October 31, 2012 – Global Proving Ground (GPG), a fast-rising combat sports organization that recently launched a revolutionary platform that enables fighters to showcase their skills on a global level, announced today that they are launching a Worldwide Fight League. GPG Worldwide Fight League is unique in that it will not compete with other fight promotions. Instead GPG’s fight league will provide main card bouts to existing promotions worldwide.


According to James Jefferson Founder of GPG, “Establishing a worldwide fight league has been part of the plan since GPG’s inception. Everyone on the GPG Executive team has one common goal, to lay a foundation that will create opportunities for fighters all over the world, in every way possible, and to help them excel in the sport from every angle.”


The GPG Worldwide Fight League will host 24 fights on 6 continents including North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Australia. Fighters signed to the GPG Worldwide fight league will be highlighted on main cards, for well-established regional, national and international promotions. The League has already begun signing fighters to multi-year contracts.


The GPG tournament-style fighting system is based on three weight classes, lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight, with expanded weight classes to promote better safety for the physiology of the fighter.  GPG League Commissioner Grand Master Ron Van Clief worked closely with GPG’s Executive team to establish rules and regulations for the fight league.


Jefferson went on to say, “Through the GPG fight league we can directly create opportunities for our fighters while helping existing promotions grow the sport. We also have the GPG Fighter Association, which caters to fighters that are not signed with us. It allows them to be a part of the GPG family while still fighting for other leagues. We want to give all fighters tools to succeed, no matter who they fight for. That is what sets GPG apart.”


Fighters are THE top priority at GPG and it shows. The GPG Worldwide Fight League was created by industry veterans with over 100 years of combined experience, and in the true spirit of martial arts, the foundation of the league was built with the athlete’s best interests in mind. From fighter development to career planning, GPG is a cut above the rest.


With masters like PHD Jim Stoppani, the science editor of Muscle and Fitness and Flex magazine, GPG enhances the diet, training and safety of all GPG fighters. GPG fighters will also receive expert legal, financial and public relations advice from a team of elite professionals who possess decades of experience in their respective fields. GPG’s root philosophy is this: The more educated a GPG fighter becomes, the stronger the organization becomes.


GPG plans to bring MMA into the next century, not only through educating their fighters, but also by giving fans the power to advance a fighter’s career through the integration of social media networking. GPG’s Worldwide Fight League is the ONLY MMA league in existence where fans can directly impact a fighter’s future by voting them onto reality shows and other GPG related projects while watching the fights live!


All fighters signed to the GPG Worldwide Fight League will have a “Warrior Island” reality show try-out video posted on the GPG YouTube Channel, along with other entries submitted by elite warriors from all over the world. From there it is up to the fans to vote fighters onto the island! Fans can vote by subscribing to the GPG YouTube Channel and liking their favorite entries.


Fighters and fans can follow GPG on Facebook and Twitter. Fans can also view and vote for their favorite GPG fighter video’s onYouTube. Voting is easy! Simply log on to, subscribe to the GPG YouTube page, and click the ‘like’ button attached to your favorite GPG fighter videos.


If you are a fighter interested in signing with the GPG Worldwide Fight League, please contact Stanley Day If you are a company interested in learning about GPG’s brand sponsorship opportunities, please contact Doug Foulkes at


For more information on GPG and the GPG Worldwide Fight League, please visit


About Global Proving Ground (GPG):

Global Proving Ground (GPG) Global Proving Ground is where elite fighters from all over the world come to get noticed! Experience raw talent like never before, as GPG athletes show the combat sports world what they have to offer by demonstrating their fight skills in a very intense 1-2 minute video. The GPG platform gives martial artists of all disciplines the opportunity to get noticed by fans, sponsors, producers, and fight leagues all over the world. GPG fans can directly impact a fighter’s future by voting them onto reality shows and other GPG related projects. Find out more at!

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