Geane “La Pulga” Herrera

Geane “La Pulga” Herrera

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RFC 27 will showcase a main event fight for the Florida Bantamweight Title. That fight features two young fighters both sporting an undefeated record. On one side is Jared “The Thundercat” Crawford who has a professional record of 4-0, with all 4 of those fights coming under the promotion of the RFC. On the other side is Geane “La Pulga” Herrera, a 22 year old fighter with a professional record of 3-0 and an amateur record of 2-0. Geane has fought in the RFC twice, with his other pro fight coming under the Art of Fighting promotion. Of Geane’s 5 MMA fights, he has won 4 by way of submission. His professional debut came at RFC 23 where he beat Andrew Connors via unanimous decision. His last fight was July 29th, 2011 at RFC 24 where he beat Calvin Martin via rear naked choke at 0:57 of the 1st round. RFC 27 will be his first fight in almost a year after being sidelined for 3 months from a rib injury and having multiple fighters drop out on him causing the extended lay off. All but 1 of Geane’s fights have come in the Bantamweight division, the exception being his amateur debut which came as a Featherweight. When asked how he approaches his fights and how he handles weight cuts he replied: “I usually walk around at the weight that I fight at, I don’t have to cut much weight. Some of these guys I fight make weight but then walk in the cage weighing much more.” Geane has put much thought into this and is considering a move to Flyweight following his upcoming fight.

Herrera fights out of Tampa, FL. Though originally from California, he stands strong that “my heart is in Tampa, this is my home”. He represents Banks MMA in Tampa, and is a purple belt in Jiu Jitsu. It is of the highest importance to Geane to represent Banks MMA and the Jiu Jitsu that he studies and also teaches. Bill Banks MMA teaches a more pure Jiu Jitsu, according to Geane it is “not watered down like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It is more accurately related to traditional Jiu Jitsu. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is great for sport, but the pure traditional Jiu Jitsu is better for self-defense. It is made to better your life and protect you” Geane is very passionate about Banks MMA and showed true dedication to his training and teaching. He also had great things to say about the RFC; “The RFC is a great promotion, they are truly a family. Joe Valdez and his group are for the fighters, they care about their fighters. Money isn’t the focus there.” When asked about his upcoming fight at RFC 27 he simply stated; “I’m ready for war. I’m not going to make a prediction, but I promise that I will leave it in the cage. I am going to come in there ready to fight, he won’t expect what I’m going to bring.” He even compared Crawford to UFC fighter Chael Sonnen and said “he’s a Sonnen type fighter, great wrestler.” The most notable thing about Geane Herrera is his faith; “My faith is everything. Without the Lord I wouldn’t have accomplished anything, he provides me with all that I need.” Geane Herrera is just beginning; only 3 fights into what will surely be a long and exciting career. Be sure to check him out this Friday, July 27th at RFC 27.

Real Fighting Championships 27: Showtime will be held live at the A LA Carte Pavilion in Tampa, FL. The fights begin at 7pm.

Geane Herrera represents Banks MMA

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