AFC: Australian Fighting Championship 7 Coming Dec.14th to the Melbourne Pavilion

Important Notice regarding #AFC7.

#AFC 7 was to feature two highly anticipated title fights…the fight between Daniel Kelly and Steven Kennedy for the AFC middleweight title and the fight between Jake Matthews and Corey Nelson for the AFC welterweight title.

The two title fights were to be the culmination of the tournaments we had run throughout 2013 and had expended much time and expense promoting.

We had planned #AFC7 to be the highlight of our year.

Last month the UFC held try outs for the TUF-Australia v Canada series in Sydney.

Unsurprisingly, seven of the fighters who appeared on the card for AFC6 (including a fighter who was to appear on that card but unable to appear because of injury) were invited to progress to the following round of TUF.

This included the four athletes who were under contract to participate in the title fights as well  as a number of fighters who had been invited to take part in bouts on the under card.

The UFC advised the fighters that they would be ineligible to proceed and to enter the fighter house if they were under contract to another promotion.

The fighters then requested AFC if they could be released from their contracts with AFC.

Despite the enormous effort that the whole team at AFC had put into promoting the tournaments and the very serious financial risks and consequences of cancelling the tournaments, we decided that we could not stand in the way of our athletes pursuing their careers as far as possible.

Accordingly, we decided that we would release the fighters from their contracts and not proceed with the finals of the two tournaments at #AFC7.

We know that AFC fans are the best sports fans in the country and that they will understand why we made the decision that we did.

We regret any disappointment to fans and are of course happy to refund any tickets purchased upon request.

However, we are determined that AFC7 will the biggest and best yet and we doubt that any AFC fans will want to miss out on AFC7.

As matters have developed Steven Kennedy, who is widely regarded as the best middleweight in the country, will be available to fight at #AFC7.

We were of the view that Steven was entitled to claim to be AFC middleweight champion by default but Steven was having none of that…the Steamroller is a champion and he wants to fight for the AFC title.

Accordingly, we are pleased to announce that the main event for AFC 7 will be a fight for the AFC middleweight championship.

Steven Kennedy’s opponent will be announced tomorrow.
We are also pleased to announce that #AFC7 will also feature the commencement of a 62 kilo and 66 kilo tournaments and we will also be making further announcements regarding the tournaments tomorrow.

Adam and the rest of us at team AFC are totally committed to ensuring that #AFC 7 will be the best event that we have ever held.

We regret that we are unable to stage the final of the welter weight tournament…just yet.

We promise our fans that at some time during 2014 AFC will stage a title fight in that weight division.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our fans who have supported us throughout this year and who, we have no doubt, will continue to do so.

We would also like to take thank our great sponsors for their continuing support.

We sincerely wish each and every one of our fighters the very best of luck in TUF.

We will be watching and cheering for them all.

All of our fighters are champions in our eyes.

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