MFC 37: True Grit Press Conference

MFC 37: True Grit Press Conference

By Jason Gemmer

The Heavyweight main event between Smealinho Rama and Chris Barnett was scratched when Barnett failed pre-fightMFC 120 medicals.  Rama was heart-broken as he was ready to take this challenge to improve his unbeaten record!  He came in from Calgary just to make an appearance and seemed to be in good spirits, just disappointed his opponent could not do the same.  The main event was replaced with an interesting Bantamweight fight between Ryan Benoit (6-1) from Dallas, Texas and Anthony Birchak (9-1) from Tucson, Arizona.  Mark Pavelich says the winner of this main event will fight for the 135 title of MFC.

The rest of the card should be as follows:

Jason Zentgraf (7-1) Missoula, Montana     vs.      Luke Harris (9-2) Edmonton, AB.

Kurt Southern (11-4) Saskatoon, SK.           vs.      Mukai Maromo (8-3) Edmonton, AB.

Jay Silva (8-7) Huntington Beach, CA.        vs.     Sam Alvey (19-5) Temecula, CA.

Peter Neufeld (6-3) Lethbridge, AB.            vs.     Garrett Nybakken (5-5) Edmonton, AB.

Allen Hope (7-10) Edmonton, AB.               vs.     Paul Grandbois (5-5) Edmonton, AB.

Marcus Hicks (14-21) Edmonton, AB.          vs.    Jared McComb (4-2) Edmonton, AB.

Thomas Treadwell (Debut) Edmonton, AB.  vs.    Mike Treadwell (Debut)  Edmonton, AB.

Maged Hammo (4-2) Lethbridge, AB.           vs.    Allan Munroe (5-4) Calgary, AB.


The other interesting news about this card is that there is a brother vs. brother both with their pro debuts.  Thomas Treadwell says, “ it is definitely a unique opportunity”.  While his brother Mike says, “ everybody is talking about it!  We are both fighting fat!  Love ya bro, but you are gonna bleed”.

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