MFC 34 Recap

  • Another packed house in Edmonton at the Mayfield. First fight Rama just too strong and gets Mein down, finishes with some good ground and pound. Smealinho Rama defeats Lee Mein via 1st round TKO (2:49)

    2nd fight between Parker and Grandbois, both guys landing some heavy leather but Parker seems to be landing more powerful shots. Drops Grandbois with a straight right, finishes with a rear naked choke in 3:24 of the 1st.

    Derek Boyle starts of the next fight with 5 or 6 hard blows! He drops Ring twice, then seemed to rock him and have him out on his feet, hit him again to wake him up, then again to finish as the ref stops it in 20 seconds of the first round.

    In the 4th fight Cody Krahn comes out throwing some bombs that landed solid on Jason Zentgraf! Krahn recognizes that Zentgraf is hurt and gets caught on the way in, Krahn gets dropped, a little ground and pound, then gets caught in a rear naked choke and forced to tap.

    Dhiego Lima and Nick Hinchliffe start out their first round feeling each other out with back and forth punches, Lima lands a few solid leg kicks to the lead leg. Round 2 Lima begins to pick Hinchliffe apart with a nice mixture of punches, as well as some good leg kicks and a few head kicks. Final round a bit of the same as both eyes, nose, and mouth of Hinchliffe are bleeding, but he is still coming forward throwing punches. Lima gets a unanimous decision after going the distance.

    Elvis Mutapcic and Jacen Flynn both appear to be in phenomenal shape before the bout begins. Mutapcic’s stand up looks very solid, landing combinations and a few nice head kicks. Flynn gets rocked as the ref stops it TKO at 1:39 of the 1st.

    Mike “The Honey Badger” Hackert comes out with some good boxing skills, catches Hague with a few body shots, a few knees to the body. Hague either got poked or punched in the eye and was obviously in pain although no time out was called and Hackert finishes Hague via TKO at 2:27 in the first round.

    Fight #8 Luke Harris gets taken down but manages to lock in a guillotine. Henle escapes gets back to the feet and catches Harris with some hard jabs and drops Harris. Immediately takes his back and ground and pounds Harris, TKO 1:57 of the first round.

    The main event supposed to be a title fight was not because Lynn did not make weight. Maromo starts the fight with 3 very hard leg kicks, then gets dropped trying to kick again with a straight right. Not too much damage on the ground done by Lynn, Maromo gets a sweep and back to the feet they go. Maromo lands a few more leg kicks and a really nice combination of elbows, knees, and puches then Lynn gets a take down just before the end of the first round. Second round Maromo left off were he did in the first continuing to land some nice combinations. Lynn gets rocked and stumbles back against the ropes, when he does Maromo is on him with elbow after elbow to the head and knee after knee to finish the fight in tremendous fashion with head kicks and flying knees at 1:26 of the second round. WOW!!!!

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