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Chuka ‘The Lion King’ Willis just came off a huge win over Yazan Hajah at Kansas City Fighting Alliance 8. Chuka is one of the most active fighters in the Midwest and I have probably wrote that same line before because he has been on a roll taking on any talented featherweight who will step up and fight him. Chuka has fought in several different promotions and currently holds the BlacKOut Fighting Championship Featherweight title and has defended the belt 3 times. The MMA community should be following this young man because in my opinion he will be fighting in the big show someday. I know Chuka is just an amateur fighter but there’s some fighters that you can just tell “HAVE IT” and he is one of them. We asked Chuka Willis a few questions so the fans could get to know him better. Check it out… 

Tell everyone about yourself…

My name is Chukwuka ira Willis… Most people call me Chuka Willis…I’m an amateur MMA fighter currently training out of Blackout fitness and Training Center in Emporia, Kansas. I’m 13-4. I moved all the way from Hannibal, Missouri which is 5 hours away to Emporia, Kansas to train and not once have I regretted the move. As you can tell I’ve improved. All I do is train as a matter of fact I sleep in the gym… So it’s safe to say MMA is my life right now. I’ve been blessed with the many people I’ve met here that have greatly impacted my life from Dusty Spaulding, Daniel Gallemore, Kristy Thompson, and the list goes on. Emporia has been good to me. Since I’ve been here I only lost one fight and won six and I’ve been on a five fight winning streak.

Why did you get into Mixed Martial Arts?

I got into mma because I enjoy fighting and being competitive. I was bullied when I was a kid but now those bullies look up to me lol

What has been your biggest achievement in MMA?

It has happened yet. My biggest achievement will happen on November 23rd when I beat Steven Graham who beat me in the past, and win his belt and the KCMMA belt all in one night.

How many more amateur fights do you plan on having beofre making the jump into the pro ranks?

Let’s see I’m going pro in may when i turn 21 so I plan on fighting until May lol. I wanna stay as active as possible

You talked about fighting Steven Graham in a rematch. Is there any other fights you want before you go pro?

Thai Clark, Andy Riley, and pretty much the best at 145. I want nothing but the absolute best and before I go pro I would like to have my last ammy fight at 135 against whoever the KCMMA bantamweight champion is at that time. And Deron Carlis again if he wants to get even.

Where do you see yourself in this sport in 5 years?

In the UFC contending for championship gold by the grace of God… hardwork and dedication.

What fighters and coaches would you like to work with in the future?

Anderson Silva, Jose Aldo, and Freddie Roach.

Is there anyone you would like to thank that have helped you on this journey? 

Blackout Fitness and Training Center . Siane Holman…she opened up her doors to me in Hannibal and let me stay there and shes been there for me during the ups and downs of my career. Dusty Spaulding has invested a lot in my career and given me countless opportunities. I respect him alot. i don’t know where I would be without him. Daniel Gallemore made me the fighter I am today, he taught me alot of new stuff and I’m forever grateful. All my teammates and my best friend and training partner Demetrius Wilson, he has been with me from the get go. Lyle Hoskins for teaching me how to throw a punch and box. Travis Courter for giving me the opportunity to fight for the BFC title. Most importantly God who I’m nothing without! And last but not the least all my fans and friends that support me especially my twin brother Chuma, we gave birth to this dream together.

Anything you want your fellow competitors to know or anything you want to say?

I’m not here to play games and I want to be the best at what I do and fight the best guys in my weight class and be sure to check out Blackout fitness and training center.

Check out his fight from KCFA 8 on Saturday night.









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