Meet Khaled Abdel Hamid and Evolution Fighting Championship.


MMAmadhouse is always looking to bring Local MMA to the fans and this time it is Evolution Fighting Championship. EFC is based in Egypt and has been producing MMA events for years. I have followed this organization for a while now and can say some great fighters have done battle under the EFC banner. Khaled Abdel Hamin is someone I have seen build the EFC and work even harder to grow it to the level of one of the top MMA leagues in Egypt, North Africa and the Middle East. So it is time you fans get to know Khaled Abdel Hamid and EFC a little better.


MH. Tell the fans a little about yourself.

KAH. I grew up in Cairo Egypt. I love fighting, games, reading, technology and watching MMA  and had a background in Kickboxing growing up.


MH. So tell the fans what got you into the MMA scene?

KAH. We were preparing to bring MMA in to Egypt 5 years ago.
We found that some of groups putting on MMA events where doing it wrong.
They  did not know about MMA or how they could grow this sport in our country
Its was so hard . We have met more difficulties, had more hurdles to jump and everyone was criticizing the sport. We knew we had to put rules in place. That is when
Mohamed Abdel Hamid who was the first one to produce MMA in Egypt, held seminars and taught me. He showed me what  MMA is all about. This man is a hero and the Founder of MMA here. He is now a MMA trainer and he loves his work and continues  to help train champions.


MH. EFC how did this dream come together?

KAH. We decided  to hold  our first event with MMA and K-1 fights  on 15 April 2010.
MMA is the stranger of the two sports for the Egyptians. Everyone was afraid of this sport  because of injury,stitches ,broken bones etc…
Now everything is ok, everyone seems to be joining MMA. We  now have Amateur fighters and fighters turning pro. Step by step  the EFC appears to be the champions of MMA and with that, the EFC has drawn  the attention of the world by bringing MMA to Egypt.


MH. So what was the hardest thing you came across in the beginning running an MMA event in Egypt?

KAH. It was having no sponsors to help us make this huge event work. We did everything ourselves. Just our own effort made it happen.


MH. What was the most important thing you learned from your first event?

KAH. I cant remember but I am sure there was a lot I learned.


MH. So you have show two, three, four done did five seem easier? Were you feeling like you had a solid base for MMA fighters to come and test themselves by then or did that come later?

KAH. Many fighters have come to test themselves and disappear after they lose.
I want to say something about that: I don’t think MMA is a Win or Lose sport it doesn’t matter the important thing is how you carry yourself in this sport, you must get up and continue.


MH. With all you have seen from EFC 1 to EFC 10 which is coming up May 3rd, What changes have you seen in the MMA game in your region of the world?Where do you see it going?

KAH. Our  fighters  are becoming famous, our fighters are getting stronger and better. EFC women.  A future for new EFC fighters and more.


MH. If you could show only one EFC fight to fans that you think sums up your league, what fight would it be and why?

KAH. There are more fights in my mind than I can say.
Amir Esmail VS Mahmoud Salama
These two fighter have more fans and both fighters are strong and have good striking.
I don’t know what will happen in this fight but I am interested and waiting for this one. This fight will be difficult for both and fans can’t decide who the winner will be.


MH. You have some great fighters under the EFC banner give the fans 3 names to keep their eyes out for in the future.

Amr Wahman

Amr-Fathee Wahman
Mahmoud Salama

Mohamed Abdel Karim


MH. Will we see more WMMA fighters under the EFC banner?

KAH. WMMAF is partner with EFC in all MMA events we do.
(Khaled Abdel Hamid is their representative in Egypt)


MH. What can we expect from EFC the rest of this year?
KAH. There are more interesting main events to come this year. Maybe this year we will have a super card for the EFC fans.


MH. Will we see EFC make a trip in to another country?

KAH. I don’t think so at this time but we are planning for it.


MH. Will we see your events streamed or televised in the future?

KAH. Yes  EFC EVOLUTION 01 was and currently working on a TV deal.


I want to thank Khaled Abdel Hamid for his time and hope to see the continued growth and success of  EFC.


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