Meet the EFC 66kg Champion  had a chance to talk talk with EFC champion Mahmud abd al sbour .


Mahmud abd al sbour

Madhouse: Please tell the fans a little bit about yourself.


Mahumd: Hi I am Mahmud Abd Al Sbour, I am 21 years old. I study at the Commerce Alex Egypt. I know Arabic, English and I am a MMA fighter in EFC (Egyptian Fighting Championship) and the 66kg Champion.


Madhouse: How long have you trained in MMA and what styles?


Mahumd: I have been training in MMA for  two years and my style is BJJ.


Madhouse:  Where do you train?


Mahumd:  I train in Alex Egypt in some private clubs.


Madhouse:  With the sport of MMA starting to make a name for itself  in the Middle East and North Africa, how have you seen it grow?


Mahumd:  Attention from the media , sponsors, pro trainer


Madhouse:  If you could let fans outside of Egypt know one thing about Egyptian MMA what would it be? 


Mahumd:  That we can make good fighters and Pros, and we can fight in U.F.C and for any company around the world.


Madhouse:  Tell the fans around the world what ALEXANDRIA EGYPTIAN fighters  bring to the to MMA?


Mahumd:  A lot of Alex fighter’s are good at striking and BJJ, and they are very strong on the ground and in take downs.


Madhouse:  What  was it like to win the Egyptian Fighting Championship  Featherweight belt?


Mahumd:  Its a great  position to be in,  I have to defend the title  from anyone that comes to take it from me. I feel like I have to get more training to defend the title and stay the best champion. I would like  join another company and win their title as well. I am just looking for the belt’s and be on the top of the world fight game.


Madhouse: You will  be defending your title at an EFC event around the first of the year, and your opponent will be named after a number one contenders match at EFC 8 – do you care who wins?


Mahumd:  No, I am tarring 24/7  and I will  fight anyone and I will defend my title and I will  win in the first round as usual!


Madhouse:  What is next, do you want to go after a belt in Desert Force Champonship or Revolution Fighting Championship maybe Super Fight League after your title defense?


Mahumd:  I will fight in any place, with any fighter in my weight that is a challenge for me. Any place that has a cage , I’m a cage fighter.


Madhouse:  Do you fighters look at the UFC as the ultimate goal in Egypt? If not what League holds the dream for fighter from Egypt?


Mahumd:  Yes our dream is to be the champion in UFC , not only join in it and fight in the UFC – we want to be the top and some day I’ll be the top of the world in my weight class.


Madhouse:  Anyone you want to thank?


Mahumd:  Yes, I want to thank C.Mohamed & Khaled Abdel Hamid for holding the first Egyptian Fighting Championship for M.M.A  and my captains  Mahmoud Amir and  Ahmed Tlate


Madhouse:  Please give me a list of sponsors and twitter name,Facebook address or any way for fans to find you. 


Mahumd:  Any fans, sponsors or promoters that wish to contact me can reach me at





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