Made in Madhouse – A Senior Project

Made in Madhouse – A Senior Project


Do you think an athlete should have to quit sports due to financial struggles? Is there an athlete401692_455876014425971_390527799_n
in your area you’d like to send money to in order to keep his training going? Would you like to donate money to a good cause? If you said yes to any of those questions, then this is the place for you!

I’m a senior at Glencoe High School in Hillsboro, OR. Each year the seniors are required to create a project and do a final presentation on it. The project can be a fundraiser, research project or, a simple internship in the community. It can be based on any topic under the sun, as long as it’s school appropriate of course.

Before coming up with a set in stone project I already had some ideas in mind. I knew I wanted to do something with MMAMadhouse, Journalism, and my MMA community, and I also wanted to give
back. MMAMadhouse has given me every journalistic opportunity I could ever ask for, and if it wasn’t for my MMA community I wouldn’t be where I am now. I truly believe I got accepted into two Pac 12
schools (Washington State University and of course, my ducks at University of Oregon) because of the wonderful resume I’ve built through MMAMadhouse. This organization is a life changer for anybody that becomes a part of it, whether you’re a coach, sponsor, student, athlete, member, or fan.

After creating a base for my project I decided to combine my project into two different areas: a
research project and a fundraiser. I wanted to spend half my time dedicated to researching how to be a
broadcast journalist and what it will do for my future, and spend the other half of my time actively
creating and selling my silicone wristbands.

For my physical project I came up with the wristband idea because I wanted my fellow MMA
community to be involved. I started off the project by offering different color combinations and
wristband effects that people could vote on and ultimately choose which wristbands I decide to buy. I
bought a total of 100 wristbands to start. One band is all black with crimson writing and the other is a
mixture of red and black with white writing. The front of both bands reads “Support Local MMA” and
the back reads “#TEAMMADHOUSE”. The bracelets are being sold for $4 each. These wristbands mean
the world to me because of the time and dedication I have towards them, local athletes, and of course
my never ending loyalty to MMAMadhouse.

After selling my goal of a minimum of 100 wristbands I want to take the money earned and
donate it to a local fighter in need of some financial help. This money can be used for bloodwork,
licensing, transportation costs, or training fees. The possibilities are endless; I would just like to see it
used for something in the realm of MMA.

If you would like to buy one (or more!) of these wristbands, you can do so on paypal or mailing
me. If you want to buy online through paypal go to and click the drop down box under
“Buy” and click “make a payment”. You will put your own email address under from and MY paypal
email address being: under the to. If you would like to mail the money to me,
contact me to get my personal address.

In order to be eligible for this award, you (being a coach, gym owner, friend, fighter, etc.) must
write me a paragraph (yes, I like to see your writing as well as mine!) nominating yourself or a fighter
you know and explaining why you believe this fighter, or yourself, should be awarded this money. The
paragraph needs to include:

  • A few sentences describing yourself or the fighter you’re nominating.
  • What inspires you to fight (or why you’re inspired by this fighter)
  • Where they’re from. (Gym, location, etc.)
  • Why they/you decided to fight and how important is this sport to them/you

Any additional details and information can be answered by me through phone, text, email, or
social networking! Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my project and thank you for
Supporting Local MMA!!

All paragraphs need to be sent to me at:


Twitter: @caaiittllinn



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