Legends MMA Series Amateur Mixed Martial Arts

Legends MMA Series Amateur Mixed Martial Arts

Legends MMA series will legitimize amateur mixed martial arts

Legends MMA Series

On Friday April 19th Legends MMA series will host their inaugural event at the Ramada conference center in Edmonton, Alberta.
Kevin McGillivray, owner and operator of one of Canada’s most prestigious training facilities in Legends training center, has partnered up with the pioneer of MMA in Canada Mark Pavelich. The dynamic duo will legitimize amateur mixed martial arts with the birth of Legends MMA series.
Pavelich is the originator of MMA in most of Canada by solely legalizing the sport back in late 1999. He is the longest reigning MMA promoter in the country and his commitment to the sport is the reason that Alberta has been such a hotbed for MMA.
McGillivray’s main focus is looking out for the best interest of the athlete. His first concern has always been fighter safety, he knows exactly how important it is considering he is the father of reality star and former MFC title contender Ryan “The Kid” McGillivray.
Each bout will be three, three minute rounds instead of the professional rules of three, five minute rounds of a non-championship fight. Various striking rules are in place along with more options for weight classes. Gloves will be 6 ounces and all athletes must comply with medicals and licensing.
Mark Pavelich and Kevin McGillivray have teamed up to give back to the sport of mixed martial arts. Amateur MMA will now have an organized and structured platform to showcase its athletes. These events will be standardized and sanctioned by the books.
Legends MMA series will give the fans the opportunity to witness the growth of a young sport through a legitimized amateur circuit.
The first Edmonton event is scheduled for Friday April 19th at the Ramada conference center; tickets are on sale now and can be purchased by calling 780-990-0996 or 780-504-2024. Doors at 7:00 pm, show starts 8:00pm.

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