Korea’s premiere Mixed Martial Arts promotion ROAD Fighting Championship announces the ROAD FC Official Gym!

The ROAD FC Official Gym will have a grand opening on November 23, 2013.  It is located in the Gangnam area of Seoul .  The ROAD FC Official Gym boasts the largest square footage and most facilities of any gym of its kind in Korea.  In addition to the flagship ROAD FC Official Gym in Gangnam, ROAD FC will open three additional gyms at Hongik University Station, Nonhyeon-Dong, Ieunsuyi.

In organizing and opening the ROAD FC Official Gym, one of the country’s top Mixed Martial Artists, Seo Doo-Won, was picked as Head Coach and Gayeon Song who ROAD FC Female fighter and ROAD GIRL also will coaching for Striking at Official Gym


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  1. Seo Doo-Won is an excellent choice. Besides being one of Korea’s best mixed martial artist he is known for his top teaching skills. Seo Doo-Won is mixed martial arts insurance. Insuring the Road FC Gym will put out many top notch fighters.

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