Katy RED DRAGON Collins upsets Sharita Stryker Fane to become Champ

Katy RED DRAGON Collins upsets Sharita Stryker Fane to become Champ

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Popular Midwestern fighter Katy RED DRAGON Collins claimed the ShoFIGHT Women’s Flyweight Championship on April 27th in Branson, MO with an upset of #13 World-Ranked Women’s Flyweight Sharita Stryker Fane. Collins was slated to compete on the undercard of ShoFIGHT’s Annual Outdoor MMA Show and PPV Event, but was awarded an impromptu shot at the title two days before the event when top contender Brittany Dugas was found to be suspended from competition by the KSAC. Collins suddenly found herself competing on the Main Card of the Event versus Fane, current RGP Women’s Champion, in a bout that had most fans considering Collins as an extreme underdog.

   Fans packed the property at the Outback Complex in Branson, Missouri to witness an impressive fight card filled with Champions from ten separate organizations and thousands watched the Main Card online at GFL.TV. Collins vs Fane was the featured WMMA bout;

   The fight began with a powerful right hand by Collins followed by a barrage of strikes from Fane, which quickly resulted in a clinch and toss to the mat by the RED DRAGON. With her newly sharpened grappling skills on display, Collins proceeded to mount Fane, land several hard strikes to her face before finishing with a Rear Naked Choke at :27 seconds. The capacity crowd went wild as Katy Collins dropped to her knees in disbelief that she had become the New ShoFIGHT Women’s Flyweight Champion. Collins was also awarded “Submission of the Night” honors for her performance.

    Midwestern Fight Fans were already in support of the ever popular Collins, but many were shocked at the transformation from undercard brawler to top ranked WMMA Flyweight. I caught up with Katy RED DRAGON Collins after the event to discuss her current 3 fight win streak and her much improved game:

HR ‘Jimmy’ Baker: “Katy, you have finished your last three opponents in less than 30 seconds. To what do you attribute your success?”

Katy Collins: “Early in my career I lost several fights to larger and more experienced fighters. I was involved in several matchups that may not have been the wisest to have accepted, lol. I decided to focus more on improving my game and switched to a new team.”

HR ‘Jimmy’ Baker: “Yes, at the beginning of your amateur career you suffered losses to current INVICTA Pro Flyweight Kathina Catron, #1 World Ranked Amateur and former ShoFIGHT Champion Andrea PITBULL Whitney and undefeated COH Champion Brittany Dugas. These are all very tough opponents for a young independent fighter with no training camp.”

Katy Collins: “Yes, in the beginning I became known as the girl who would fight anyone at anytime, but I learned that if I wanted to build a successful career for myself, I would need to focus less on fighting and more on training. I took a short break from fighting and decided to find a coach and fight team to help me improve my game. Living in Marked Tree, Arkansas made it tough because there is no Mixed Martial Arts training available, so I began making the 5 hour drive to Branson, Missouri every two weeks to cross train with Branson Fight Club, most of whom I had know well from my fights at ShoFIGHT. I eventually accepted a fight at 145lbs vs Hannah Eagle at ShoFIGHT 24 in December and won the fight within 30 seconds. I soon relocated completely to Branson, Missouri where I now train full time with BFC.”

HR ‘Jimmy’ Baker: “Katy, your next fight was booked versus Jennifer “Transformer” Adams at small Missouri Based Amateur Organization, BRAWL INC. Fans were impressed to find that you had dropped an astonishing thirty-five pounds since your cage debut, (which was at 157lbs.) You weighed in for her bout with “the Transformer” at 120lbs, and again won in under 30 seconds, connecting with 27 punches in just 24 seconds. Seems your relationship with Branson Fight Club has paid off nicely.”

Katy Collins: “I am loving Branson, Missouri. I love the gym, the Team and the Coaches at BFC. So many different personalities and talents to offer.”

    Collins had little time to enjoy being Champion. Within days of the event, she was contacted by BRAWL INC promoter Dan Jenks with news that a rematch had been requested by Sharita Fane. Seems Fane, doing her best Chael Sonnen impression had called out the new Champ online;

“….Katy Collins get ready for the beat down of ur life. If u thought the shots you took to the face from me were hard, wait til June 1st. No chokes. All knees & punches. Sharita Stryker Fane will be lighting you up soon. I hope you come prepared. – Sharita Stryker Fane”

   After speaking with her coaches and deciding to accept the rematch, Collins released a statement;

“…I will continue to train hard and will do my best to win again. Thanks for stepping into the cage with me Sharita. Our first fight was a blast…Sorry about your neck. Lol. – Katy RED DRAGON Collins”

Fight Fans get ready, on June 1st at BRAWL INC in Branson, Missouri, ShoFIGHT Champion Katy RED DRAGON Collins will again face RGP Champion Sharita Fane. Only this time it’s personal.

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  1. Congrats on bringing home the belt Katy!! Super proud of you and looking forward to a successful rematch.

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