Jacob Brown – the future of MMA

Jacob Brown – the future of MMA

Jacob Brown

With MMA growing in popularity among young adults, many have asked what does this mean for MMA? I wonder what kind of athletes it may bring to the cage, how and if sportsmanship will be seen outside of the cage and who the future of MMA will lie within.

Jacob “The Bull” Brown, age 9, is from Fight Club Jiu Jitsu and actively trains to become a stronger competitor mentally and physically. He trains year round Jiu Jitsu and Judo and competes in recreational wrestling for four months out of the year. Jacob is a perfectionist in skill and technique, and shows a lot of attention in what he’s doing.

“He pays very close attention to what he does on the mat. He and I work together in his training. We practice together in the spare room we have, we watch UFC together and look up Youtube videos as well as read on it in magazines,” his father Joe Brown says.

Jacob and his family have a very close bond when it comes to his competitions. It’s a family event for them and each child has a chance to participate. His brother, Isaiah does his videography and updating for his Facebook, while his other family members are always there to cheer him on.

“His tournaments are like a mini getaway for our family. He loves staying in the hotels, especially the ones with the pools,” his mother Marva Brown said.

His father added with,

“We don’t mind the drive. My son loves it, so it’s always worth it. No matter how he does. I never did martial arts, so I find his competing and drive to be extraordinary.”

With the exposure of violence for such a young age, I wondered if any parent had said anything to the Brown’s about their acceptance of his sport.

“We have been accused a few times. We have been accused of child abuse and negligence. Violence can occur in any sport though, and you can’t take what those people say to heart. I know that my son loves this sport and I would never make him quit,” his father said.

Jacob is an extremely busy kid with extra-curricular activities, but also stays academically challenged and successful in school.

“I always get high grades, I am a star student. That’s what my teacher says,” Jacob said.

His father added that he has done much better in school since his training started and has big dreams of doing multiple activities in his future.

Jacob Brown

“His mind is always working and learning. Jiu Jitsu and Judo has taught him to be well rounded, kind, and kept his temper in high stress situations. He’s just overall done much, much better in school. He has all the interests, and wants to do everything. He wants to compete in soccer, but his school doesn’t have a soccer program. He also aspires to be an actor in the future and an MMA fighter on the side. I don’t know why he wants to act, but he says it’s because that’s what he’s good at. Who knows; maybe it’s a hidden talent.”

“I love judo and jits, it’s the best sport ever. I want to play soccer, but jiu jitsu is better,” Jacob said.

Jacob has seen much success in his work as he holds multiple gold medals, silver medals, bronze medals, trophies and belts. He travels to many different states to do weekend long competitions.

“I have 50 medals, 1 big trophy, 6 Samurai swords and 3 belts. I’m a good fighter. It’s so nice when I win, because I get so excited and you want the belts so bad,” Jacob said.

He says that his fight name “The Bull” came from his fight style in the cage. He is also known for his purple Mohawk that he sports at each tournament.

“I got the name in my fighting, because I fight like a big bull!”

Jacob has many aspirations in many different fields, but his dream is to become a UFC fighter and says that Rowdy Ronda Rousey is his favorite fighter.

“I really want to be a UFC fighter. I just want UFC stuff for my birthday. I really wanna be in the cage and show who’s best. I’m not the best, but I would like to become the best. I train hard, and I love hard work. Sometimes it makes my feet hurt, but it’s worth it when I win,” Jacob said.

His parents show an enormous amount of support for his sport and are always actively promoting Jacob through Facebook and other organizations.

“It’s exciting because he’s such a humble kid. He’s so quiet and humble. He especially loves the octagon and as his mother it scares the hell out of me, but I fully support it. Nobody can tell him he can’t do it. Those words just can’t be said to Jacob. He will prove them wrong, and he will retain his humble attitude while doing it,” Marva said.

Jacob likes to separate school and what he does outside of it. His parents say he tells them to keep it a secret, and that sometimes he gets overwhelmed when boys at the tournaments want to talk to him.

“Jacob is very shy and quiet, so he can get overwhelmed when boys want to hang out with him. He doesn’t understand why they do, so he gets nervous sometimes.”

Jacob Brown is exactly the kind of kid that I want to see in the MMA future. He shows such high amounts of passion for the sport, sportsmanship for winning, losing, and other competitors, and he stays true to himself and who he is – humble. In my mind, you can’t ask for much more from a nine year old athlete, and future professional athlete.

“Jacob is very quiet, humble, but friendly. He makes friends at every tournament. He’s just magnetic, everybody loves Jacob. You’ll be hearing a lot from him and his success in the future.”

Caitlin Dieni – sportswriter

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  1. GREAT KID!! Great piece Caitlin!!

  2. I have had the pleasure to spend time with this young man and the article couldn’t be more accurate. Humble, focused and competitive. Such a great kid and great talent. With his work ethic there is nothing he won’t be able to do.

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