The Irish Hit Squad’s Jared Torgeson

 The Irish Hit Squad’s Jared Torgeson

Washington is the home of captivating landscapes, lush evergreen forests, and 942368_10151437050129562_972661114_nunbeknownst to some, a wealth of hidden talent. With the sport of mixed martial arts on the rise, many have set out to make a name for themselves. One being Jared Torgeson, a man who once he had a taste of MMA knew from that point forward the sport would be part of his every day life.

Torgeson, a 13-8 fighter on a 5 fight win streak, has never been knocked out or stopped by punches. His opponents are unable to say the same with 12 of Jared’s 13 wins being by KO or TKO. Training in specialties such as Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu and working daily on combos and different techniques, Torgeson is not afraid to admit the longer he is standing the happier he is. Although comfortable on the ground his record is proof of not only his love for standup but his talent on his feet as well.

Unlike some in the sport Torgeson didn’t get his start in MMA until watching a friend’s amateur fight in 2008. At that time he had no idea what he was watching but was intrigued and wanted to learn more. After questioning his friend and feeling a desire to compete, Torgeson’s first fight was booked in a month. From that point until now he has 536693_10151540327621489_2123097049_ntaken any fight he has been called for at 185 and 205 and has built quite the reputation within White Buffalo Fight Management and The Irish Hit Squad. Within the last year Jared has steam rolled competition, getting a first round knock out in his pro debut as well as winning two titles through two different promotions Intense CF and Destiny MMA.

The road getting to where he is now was not always an easy one. From a point in his life of being a part of the bad crowd and needing to right himself from the wrong path to people who have doubted his every step in furthering his career he has faced many obstacles. Jared has not allowed any of these things to slow him down, in fact when asked about his desire and drive the doubters were at the top of his list. Torgeson explained that he feels like he has a lot of people to prove wrong and that he can make this “pipe dream” happen. Hearing that he can’t achieve his dream or that it is a waste of time has only fueled his determination to succeed. Although he has many people who may doubt or dash his hopes for fighting for the biggest promotion he also has a support system many would envy. A coach, Daniel Atnip, who is not only a role model but a teacher who holds nothing back in the gym. A loving supportive wife Kristina who has and will continue to sacrifice anything to see her husband fighting the best and does everything she can to keep him motivated for his next fight. Two beautiful little girls, who are his gym buddies and have been known to practice a single leg takedown or two, want to see their Daddy on TV one day. With possible fights coming up in August and October he knows he can be one step closer to making that dream come true not only for himself but for his family as well.

390873_10150526251647528_1166747039_nWith his last 5 fights ending in 4 stoppages and 2 title wins against former TUF competitors, Jared obviously has the talent to succeed. Within himself a desire and drive exist that will catapult his career to all new levels. A man who will undoubtedly be fighting the biggest names for the biggest promotion, one day Jared Torgeson will be a household name.

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