Indiana Fighting Championship Resilience Results

IFC Resilience   6/29/13

Cory Roush def  Nikko Glasper via RNC RD1 @2:16

David Maddox, II def Cody McDaniel via RNC RD3 @2:01

Tyler Rickenbaugh def  Trent Janosa via KO RD1 @0:45

Christopher Hollingsworth def  Zach Butler via RNC RD1 @1:43

Trenton Lewis def Brett Graham via missed this one will get the info Lewis did win

Ronez McGrady vs Oscar Castaneda Ruled NO CONTEST

James Davis def Bryan Ramsey via UD

Christopher Tanner def Jonathan Cope via Armbar RD1 @2:35

Ronnell Board def Anthony Payne via Verbal Tap RD

Jason Harvey def Garret Potter via Armbar RD2 @0:38

Alan Garrod def John Luttrell, III via Tape to strikes RD1 @0:53 

Trevor Hardy def Jarred Kyle via TKO RD

Bryan Loudin def Daniel Hudson via Armbar RD1 @0:32

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