Historic FCFF Event Saturday, December 15th Rumble @ The Roseland 68

Historic FCFF Event Saturday, December 15th Rumble @ The Roseland 68 

Rumble @ The Roseland 68

On Saturday, December 15th the Full Contact Fighting Federation (FCFF) will host “Rumble @ The Roseland 68” at the Roseland Theater in Portland, Oregon. The FCFF is Portland’s premier cage fighting event featuring the best live amateur MMA in the country. All of 2012 has been a ten-year-anniversary-celebration for the FCFF. It’s been a historic year with the FCFF’s first ever women’s main event, first ever pro fight and 2012 marks the first time one man has ever held two FCFF Titles simultaneously. At Rumble @ The Roseland 68 get ready to see the most Title fights ever scheduled for one night; Rumble @ The Roseland 68 will be a true showcase of the top mma talent in the region with seven FCFF Title Fighting taking place:

1.    115-pound Girl Title Fight:  Emily Whitmire (Animal House) vs. Janna Piper (Next Level MA) Female MMA fights are rare and female Title fights are few and far in between. This is a great chance to see one of the top female Jiu-jitsu expert (Emily Whitmire) face off against the rough-and-tough boxer (Janna Piper). 

2.    135-pound Title: Dylan Atkinson (Alive MMA) vs. Jess Moore (Universal Fighters) The current Bantamweight Champion (Atkinson) will attempt to defend his FCFF Title against the comeback kid. 

3.    145-pound Title: Jason Gray (Enumclaw, WA) Vs. Kevin Walker (Walker MA) The FCFF Featherweight Division is flush with new talent. Jason Gray will put his newly earned belt on the line against the talented Kevin Walker. 

4.    155-pound Title: Sean Baker (Alive MMA) vs. Clint Patterson (Team USA) The current FCFF Lightweight Champion (Patterson) will face off against the pro-bound Sean Baker who is coming back from injury and desperately wants to get an FCFF belt. 

5.    170-pound Title: Luis Iniguez (Brave Legion) vs. Eric Ramsey (Flores Fitness) The New FCFF Welterweight Champion (Iniguez) will face local mma veteran for his newly acquired belt. 

6.    205-pound Title: Jason Pittman (503 WCJJ) vs. Nick Biron (Alive MMA) 40-plus-year-old Gym owner returns to the cage against one of the greatest FCFF Champions of all time: Nick Biron the current FCFF 205-Pound champ and former FCFF Heavyweight Champ.  

7.    Heavyweight Title: Elvis Garcia (Solid Base JJ) Vs. Scot Davenport (Eugene, OR)  The Heavyweight division of the FCFF was left wide open by the departure of Nick Biron into the Light Heavyweight Division; two relatively new talents will slug it out for the vacant FCFF belt.

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