Hellboy Has Returned

Hellboy Has Returned

Jeremy “Hellboy” Christenson is a local fighter out of Port Richey, FL. In less than a year, Jeremy has put his name among Florida’s elite in amateur MMA. He has put together a 2-2 record that many would argue should be 4-0. His two losses have been incredibly close decisions that could have gone either way. He got his first win at Final Friday Fights (ABC/Gator MMA) in February by way of submission. His most recent victory came by way of a decision after three grueling rounds of war against Andrew Marsh (South Shore MMA). It was a phenomenal fight that Jeremy controlled with precise and deadly leg kicks. (Marsh actually left the cage limping due to the leg kicks). Christenson originally trained out of Omega MMA in Clearwater, FL; before joining Gator MMA Fight Team. All of his fights have come as a member of Gator MMA. Jeremy is one of the hardest working and most dedicated fighters in the central Florida area. He will be at the gym at the drop of a hat to help teammates and anyone who is willing to learn.

After being sidelined from a shoulder injury for a few months he made his return to the cage at World Class Fight League 6 against Marsh. He is as hungry a fighter as can be found. The thirst for the fight game is evident in his daily preparation to better himself and those around him. The Middleweight fighters of FL need to be on alert, HELLBOY is coming!

Jeremy Christenson’s fight record:

#1: WCFL 2: Unanimous Decision Loss to Jesse Baker.

#2: ABC Final Friday Fights: Triangle Choke Win against Martin Levenson.

#3: WCFL 3: Unanimous Decision Loss to Adam Hamid.

#4: WCFL 6: Unanimous Decision Win against Andrew Marsh.

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