A heart of gold lies in the Rockies

A heart of gold lies in the Rockies

By Donald Pierce MMAmadhouse.com Colorado


I think when people hear CAGE FIGHTS they think of a blood sport well Jessica Boisseaux is here to change all that.  With a busy schedule being a Teacher for special needs students, a student herself, a sever and also a ring card girl when she can Mrs. Boisseaux is very busy plus she makes time to do charity for the special Olympics and with stunning beauty it has her fans calling for her to be in the UFC stage and I could agree more.


With being the sister of a special need person it was easy for her to volunteer for the  special Olympics that started 8 years ago and she is still going, Also being a volunteer for the polar plunge for 4 years  keeps her giving back to the people that need it the most.  On February 1 2013 she hosted a charity event for the Special Olympics at Calvens bar in parker, Colorado this event hosted some of the best fighters in the Colorado and they helping Mrs. Boiseaux with stuff to auction she helped raise $2,100 for the cherty. Not over shadowing the fact she is the most sought after ring girl in Colorado her goal is to make the big show to do even more for charity and her community. Wean asking Mrs. Boisseaux I asked how she got into getting into MMA and it was two simple words ‘the fight” training in BJJ she plains on getting in the cage herself one day can you image a ring girl getting in the cage would be ground breaking . I hope her dreams come true and she get to “the BIG SHOW” and stuns the world when she changes it for the better.







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