Katy Collins, a native of Marked Tree, Arkansas decided to begin her MMA career after watching her younger brother competing in cages across the 4-State Area between 2010 & 2011. Collins decided that she wanted to become an MMA fighter herself. There were no training camps in Marked Tree, Arkansas, so Katy became an Independent fighter with no training partners. This wasn’t going to discourage her though, she just wanted to fight. In July of 2011, Katy was offered her first fight in Branson, Missouri at leading Midwest promotion, ShoFIGHT and ended up winning in round one with a rear naked choke. She immediately started taking fights with anyone who would book her from Tennessee to Oklahoma and Missouri. Never backing down from a challenge, Collins soon became known as “Katy RED DRAGON Collins,” a fighter who would fight anybody promoters put in front of her.
In September of 2012, Collins returned to ShoFIGHT to face powerhouse wrestler Brittany Dugas, who finished Katy in the first round with ease. The one-sided loss upset her and she made the decision to take a hiatus from competing and train until she felt she was able to turn her 2-7 record around with a few wins. Things had changed for Collins. She wanted more than just being a fighter. She wanted to win fights.
After her 2012 loss at ShoFIGHT, Katy approached Branson Fight Club head coach JT Tilley to discuss getting more serious about her training. She desperately wanted to improve her game.Seemed there was more to fighting than just fighting anybody that wanted to fight. She had to get her weight right and work on her skill set. Collins began traveling to Branson every 2 weeks to train with the Branson Fight Club. That’s a 5 1/2 hour trip there and 5 1/2 hour trip back. She did this for approximately 4 months, all the while her confidence began to build little by little.
Katy eventually decided to move from Marked Tree to make Branson her new home. She started training full time at the Branson Fight Club. Her will to become a top ranked amatuer fighter was unbreakable. Katy said it was very hard at first being away from home. She had just moved from the flat lands of NE Arkansas to the Hills of the Ozarks and says if it hadn’t of been for Tilley and the Branson Fight Club team, she didn’t know what she would have done. Katy said all of these guys helped her get thru the hard part of being away from home. (Note: I’ve witnessed first hand how close this team is as a family and how hard this team trains.) Katy has finally found her place, working a full time job, as well as training full time. She says it’s all gotten easier and she feels like this is her home now…except for the weight cuts and that’s only because she loves to eat. Still, Collins takes her weight cuts very seriously and says she feels better than she has ever felt since becoming a mixed martial artist.
In 2013, Collins returned to action at Missouri promotion BRAWL INC and defeated Jennifer ‘Transformer’ Adams 24 sec into the 1st round via TKO, (Ground and Pound) She also came into this fight weighing 120lbs, which was an astonishing 35lbs below her previous fight weight.
Her win streak continued at ShoFIGHT 24 where Katy towed the line against another tough opponent Hannah Eagle, winning that fight via submission (RNC) in 30 sec of the 1st round. Katy’s improvement was noticeable.
At ShoFIGHT 26, Collins fought for the ShoFIGHT Flyweight Title on just 2 days notice, taking on Sharita Davis, an RGP Champion who was ranked #13 in the world by WMMA. Katy didn’t disappoint, showcasing her improved grappling skills, taking the back mount of her opponent, finishing with a RNC 27 seconds in the 1st round and upsetting Davis to become ShoFIGHT Women’s Flyweight Champion.
Davis lobbied for an immediate rematch and it was given by BRAWL INC, only on the evening of the scheduled fight, Sharita Davis was a no show and Collins was left with no opponent.
Katy asked ShoFIGHT for a tough fight versus veteran Alex Stobbe on their upcoming Summer Smash iPPV and it was granted. When Stobbe unexpectedly withdrew 2 weeks before the event, Collins was left without an opponent once again.
Nebraska-based fighter Stacey Lynn Marlow has been added to this weekend’s Summer Smash line up to face Collins, only issue is that Marlow, a featherweight, is cutting from 150lbs to meet Collins at 140lbs. Collins, however, will attempt to gain 10lbs from 130lbs in the three days before the event. The size advantage alone could make this Katy’s biggest challenge to date, but Collins feels she is ready.
Katy would like to thank her team mates at BFC, her sponsors No Remorse Apparel, OutForBlood Clothing, Babes of MMA, SKS Fight Gear and all of course, her fans.
Fight fans can see Katy RED DRAGON Collins LIVE in action this weekend July 20 at ShoFIGHT Summer Smash in Branson, Mo. (Live Entertainment Capital of the World) and iPPV at GFL.TV
Purchase your tickets at www.shofight.com.

GFL.TV iPPV link http://www.gfl.tv/Events/Fight/MMA/ShoFIGHT_Summer_Smash/2000



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