Gods Warrior



Gods Warrior

by Donald Pierce

On December 14 the stage is set for what could be the changing of the guard, as Sparta Combat League Welterweight champion (20-12) Rocky “The Rock Monster” Johnson takes on (3-0) Matthew Cox. I had the privilege of talking to Mr.Cox about his upcoming fight and I got to say it’s hard not to like the guy with a ear to ear smile and a true nice guy attitude you wouldn’t think this guy is one of the top fighters in the state.


Born in Austin, Texas, Mr. Cox moved to Colorado because of family and work in which he started to get into MMA “Colorado is coming up in MMA the promoters are getting better shows the gyms are taking it more serious it’s a great place to fight”. Always fighting as a kid Mr. Cox took quick to the sport as he describes how it fills to fight in a cage “every thing slows down I become more focused”. A free style fighter Mr. Cox has some amazing takedown and ground and pound, since joining the Serial Boxe fight team his stand up has come leaps and bounds.


I asked Head Coach Benjamin Schissler on what he thought about Mr. Cox and his transformation since joining the team “Matt’s stand up has sharpened tons, and he has added a new arsenal of weapons! We can’t wait for this opportunity”. Mr.Cox might going into this fight as a heavy underdog but he doesn’t see it that way “His experience doesn’t bother me, I’m in my Prime It’s my time to shine” strong words from a very driven man. But I see it somewhat the same way with the work ethic and athleticism 2nd to none Mr. Cox has the right to be confidence but never cocky when I asked him what do you know about you opponent he said calmly ” he’s a grinder great takedowns and very experienced, I know I’m in for a fight”. You would think getting ready for the biggest fight of his professional career he would be nervous but when you talk to him he’s a cool as ice, always with a smile on his face and a true nice guy matt never changes till he gets in the cage then it’s all business.


As I got to know more about Mr. Cox the more I began to respect him, a guy that a has taken on the top of the line fighters to fighting ex-teammates it’s all business never personal to Mr. Cox ” fighting is fun , Life is hard” a quote that most would agree with . Well training for a fight there is one day he takes off every Sunday, as he goes to his church to worship his savior. I asked Mr. Cox “do any of your congregation look at you different since you fight?” and he simply said “not at all we have local fighters who attend such as Vinny Lopez” local MMA star. “I’m gods warrior” a simple quote from a passionate and gifted athlete. If there one thing that sums up this fight is this experience vs. Athleticism who will take it only time will tell. I asked Mr. Cox if he would like to thank anyone and he said yeah of course ” I like to thank my Family being my support system, My savior the Lord Jesus Christ I give all the glory in the world to him also Ben Schissler, Ali Hanjani my main sparring partner Diana Rael and Serial Box fight team for being a great family. Also Steven Paprocki for helping me with my training and diet couldn’t do this without him. Mass Destruction, UFC GYM and Cannibals”.

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