Gator MMA: No Person Gets Turned Away

Gator MMA: No Person Gets Turned Away


Port Richey, Florida doesn’t have much to offer. It isn’t very well known. There isn’t much to do in the area. You could even drive through it without even knowing it stood alone as a town. That may be changing though, as MMA continues to grow and more and more gyms offer the proper training for people who want to learn more about it. Gator MMA is one of those gyms. Located in Port Richey is a gym that operates under special rules. They won’t turn anyone away. They open their doors to any and all that want to better themselves by learning Martial Arts. Owned and operated by Viet Le and Daniel Blevins, Gator MMA offers a wide variety of training classes to any and all ages. They incorporate a family environment so that all will feel welcome. They are the home to many young fighters who have recently or will be making their MMA debuts very soon.

Gator MMA recently held their first Jiu Jitsu tournament, the first of many. They state that they don’t at all want to compete with NAGA or COPA, but simply offer other tournaments to help train and better themselves for these other tournaments. With many years of experience between Viet Le and Daniel Blevins, they offer a great skill set to all those who are interested. MMA Madhouse was pleased to be invited to this inaugural tournament. The atmosphere at the tournament was full of sportsmanship and encouragement for all those involved. The ages ranged from 5 to well into adulthood of those involved in the tournament. Great displays of Jiu Jitsu were shown through the dedication and relentless training by all involved. Many fight teams throughout the Tampa Bay area were represented at the tournament, though it was Gator MMA and Team Assassin that was most notable. Brad May, a fighter well known to MMA Madhouse, competed and took home 1st place in the No-Gi division and 2nd place in Absolute No-Gi .

Team Assassin is Viet Le’s fight team based in Port Richey. It is comprised of many young fighters, mostly amateur, all looking to leave a mark on MMA. With the training and support that Gator MMA provides, it is no doubt that Team Assassin will be providing fighters of the future for a long time to come.

As previously stated, Gator MMA has a “No Turn Away” policy. How is that possible? Well, if you desire to train for MMA or simply train in specific Martial Arts they will welcome you without hesitation. They will work with you if you are unable to pay for training. They offer different ways to get your training paid for so that all may have the opportunity to train. They are also the only gym in the Port Richey area to offer a full size event cage for MMA fights. Gator MMA will only continue to grow as they offer such great opportunities for anyone interested in training in the Martial Arts.

You can find Gator MMA at  7832 Leo Kidd Ave, Unit B

Port Richey FL 34668!/GatorMMA

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