Fight Time 12: Warriors Collide

Fight Time 12 delivered as a phenomenal night of fights. There were 10 fights on the card, 9 of them turned out to be exciting fights. It was a packed house at the War Memorial Auditorium as numerous amounts of fans and fellow fighters came out to see this stacked card. Fight Time Promotions had a special intermission, as they honored all of their sponsors by awarding them with special championship belts for their continued dedication to Fight Time Promotions. It was also a special night for Fight Time, as this was their first events to be aired live on HBO Española! The Fight Time and ISKA Lightweight Championship belts were on the line in the main event. Fight Time 12 saw 10 fights, with 9 early finishes. The last event of 2012 for Fight Time Promotions was as stellar and exciting as any they have done before! 2013 promises to be a big year for Fight Time; as for 2012 here is how it ended:

Fight #1  

Yvon Agneord vs. Dennis Alzugarey (Featherweight fight): The fight went to the ground very quickly and was over just as quickly. Agneord went to work and locked in a beautiful submission. This was a pro debut for both fighters. Agneord wins via Kneebar @ 2:34 of the 1st round.

Fight #2

Raynold Telus vs. Johanner Correa (Lightweight fight): This fight proved to be quite uneventful. They spent most of the time on the ground, battling for ground control with no success by either fighter. The ref stood them up multiple times but it never changed what the fighters wanted to do, lay and pray. Correa wins via Unanimous Decision 30-27.

Fight #3

Anthony Garavito vs. Shaun Dillon (Middleweight Fight): The 1st round saw each fighter making great punch exchanges; Dillon landed some big knees to the body. In the 2nd round, Dillon was much more dominant and cruised to a beautiful submission victory. Dillon wins via Rear Naked Choke @ 1:59 of the 2nd round.

Fight #4

Jason Cortez vs. John De Jesus (Featherweight fight): De Jesus seemed very uncomfortable in the 1st round. Cortez landed some early takedowns and showed better ground control in the 1st. The 2nd round was entirely different. De Jesus was much more comfortable and it showed as he took over the fight. He locked in a beautiful submission as the 2nd round was coming to a close. De Jesus wins via Rear Naked Choke @ 4:28 of the 2nd round.

Fight #5

Carlos Zevallos vs. Kelly Anundson (Light Heavyweight fight): Anundson was in complete control from the first bell to the time the ref pulled him off of Zevallos. Anundson wins via TKO @ 2:52 of the 1st round.

Fight #6

Jason Jackson vs. Michael Johnson (Welterweight fight): Each fighter landed some good shots in the 1st round, but no consistency by either fighter. Though they came out very aggressive in the 2nd round, Jason “the ass kicking machine” Jackson, took over and won the fight with a submission.Jackson wins via Triangle Choke (verbal submission) @ 2:05 of the 2nd round.

Fight #7

Ricardo Surpris vs. Jason Soares (Catchweight fight): Soares smothered Surpris and won in dominating fashion. Soares wins via Rear Naked Choke @ 4:46 of the 1st round.

Fight #8

Daniel Golightly vs. Randy Barroso (Lightweight fight): Both guys came out aggressively, tossed each other around on the ground for a minute. Barroso took over and locked in a quick submission victory. Barroso wins via Heel Hook @ 2:20 of the 1st round.

Fight #9

Steve Bruno vs. Keith Johnson (Middleweight fight): Bruno was just outmatched and out muscled. Johnson attempted a few different submissions, but won with a beautiful 2nd round TKO. Johnson wins via TKO @ 3:46 of the 2nd round.

Fight #10 (for the Fight Time Promotions and ISKA Lightweight Championship belts)

Mike Bruno vs. Vagner Rocha: This fight was all Rocha. It was a phenomenal display of Jiu Jitsu by Rocha. Bruno seemed to barely be able to get off his stool for the 2nd round, which resulted in a quick victory for Rocha. Rocha wins via Triangle Choke @ 0:53 of the 2nd round.


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