Florida Combat Challenge 5 5/18/13

Fight #7 MAIN EVENT (135lb) (ground and pound fight): Pruitt wins via Triangle at :56 of the 1st round.

Fight #6 (140lb): Jerad Gonsalves vs David Adubato (ground and pound fight): Gonsalves wins via Keylock at 1:13 of the 1st round.

Fight #5 (115lb) WMMA: Briana Smith vs Nine Acevedo: Acevedo winner via Armbar at :46 of the 1st round.

Fight #4 (175 lb): Brian Piccolo vs Kris Bengston (ground and pound fight): Bengston wins via Armbar at :20 of the 1st round.

Fight #3 (155lb): Wesley Hurbert vs Tyrone Logan: Hurbert wins via Armbar at :51 of the 2nd round.

Fight #2 (155lb): Vincent Califano vs Dan Zabluski: Zabluski wins via Rear Naked Choke at 2:03 of the 2nd round.

Fight #1 (130lb): Tay Dale vs Kendal Hope: Hope wins via Keylock (verbal submission) at 1:53 of the 1st round.

1 Blue Kendal Hope Capitao Bjj 0-0 139
Red Jonathan Forbes GT 0-0

2 Blue Vincent califano Dungeon 0-0 155
Red Dan Zabluski GTW 0-1

3 Blue Greg Gibson Dayboll Bjj 0-0

4 Blue Tay Dale Force one mma 0-0 125
Red Devin Tran LOL MMA 0-0

5 Blue David Adubato Clearwater 2-1 135

6 Blue Wesley Hurbert Capitao Bjj 2-0

Red Tyrone Logan Alliance Bjj 0-4

7 Blue Briana Smith Force one mma 2-3 115
Red Nine Acevedo GTW 0-0

8 Blue Jerad Gonsalves CFMMA 3-1-2 145
Red Brian Agnoston Dayboll Bjj 2-0

9 Blue Jordan Puritt Hammerhouse 4-6 135
Red Josh Crumpton Force One mma 3-2

10 Blue Brian Piccolo Ft Walton 3-3 170
Red Tony Murphy SPMF 5-3

11 Blue Kris Bengston GTW 1-0 175
Red Victor Mutart Dayboll Bjj 0-0


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