Fighter Spotlight: Dean “Ex Machina” Stupar

Fighter Spotlight: Dean “Ex Machina” Stupar

Dean1By Matthew Gaither

 “Ex Machina” is defined as: A seemingly unsolvable problem is suddenly and abruptly resolved, with a contrived and unexpected intervention. This is exactly how Dean Stupar [FACEBOOK] approaches each fight. At 23 years old, Dean has already made a name for himself throughout Florida’s MMA community. With less than 2 years in the sport, he has already begun to make a major impact. When Stupar steps into the cage he has already begun to pick apart his opponent. He is usually always a couple steps ahead and it shows through his ability to know what his opponent is going to do. His determination is relentless, his focus is unparalleled, and his love for the fight is highly admirable.

            Dean grew up with wrestling. He has wrestled for years and like many MMA fighters, this was his entry to the sport. He had been coaching at the same high school he graduated from, Ridgewood High School in Port Richey, FL. It was there that he would meet someone who would introduce Dean to MMA. While coaching the wrestling team at Ridgewood HS he met a man named Daniel Blevins. Blevins, the owner of Gator MMA, has a long history in wrestling and MMA. From what Dean says, Daniel had been trying relentlessly to get him to come into the gym and give it a chance. After numerous times of turning down the offer, Stupar decided to give it a shot. Little did either guy know what was in store for their relationship. Stupar would quickly become one of the top students and teachers at Gator MMA. Gator is a very unorthodox school with many different varieties of martial arts being taught. This would help Dean adapt quickly and therefore he became I pivotal piece of the Gator MMA team.

            In his first MMA fight he was caught by an accidental knee that put him to sleep momentarily and when he awoke he was trapped in a Rear Naked Choke. For many fighters it may have been over there, but not for Dean. He would hold on and battle all the way to a tough Decision loss. Since then Dean has not had to taste the bitterness of defeat. He has put together a 4-1-1 record along the way, with a couple beautiful submission victories among those. He is the current Bantamweight champion for both the World Class Fight League and the American Battle Championships. The fire was fueled even more at World Class Fight League 2: Resolution when his fight was ruled a Draw after it had appeared that he decisively won the fight. The biggest test of his progression may have come at the most recent NAGA tournament when he won the expert division championship over many of the state’s top competitors. One thing is for sure, Dean is just getting started. He has only begun to make an impact on this sport. He is getting approached my numerous promotions wanting him to fight for them. Whenever it is he decides to fight next, you don’t have to wait to see him. You can come by Gator MMA anytime to see him training and teaching the many students and fellow fighters that call Gator MMA home.

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