Fight Time 16 Results

Fight Time 16  8/23/13

Fight #1 Benny Delgado VS Miles Gilbert, Miles Gilbert wins by rear naked choke in 2:35 of the first round.

Fight #2 Kester Mark VS Edir Terry. Winner by unanimous to Edir Terry.

Fight #3 Savalas Williams VS Carl Darbouze. Winner by unanimous decision Carl Darbouze.

Fight #4 Jason Leon VS Jaime Alvarez. Winner by unanimous decision Jaime Alvarez.

Fight #5 Mike Wilson VS Edwin Sarria. Ref stopped the fight in round 2 at 1:59 winner Edwin Sarria.

Fight #6 Fred Moncano VS Alex Delgado. Fred Moncano wins by rear naked choke at 2:14 of the first round.

Fight #7 Carlos Zevallos VS Mehdi Hassan. Winner by unanimous decision Mehdi Hassan.

Fight #8 Denis Mitchel VS Jason Jimenez. Denis Mitchel wins by arm bar in the first round.

Fight #9 Marcel Gonclaves VS Yoislandy Izquierdo. Ref ends fight in 2nd because Marcel Gonclaves was unable to continue. Winner Yoislandy Izquierdo

Fight #10 FIGHT TIME PROMOTIONS LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP  Vagner Rocha VS Randy Barroso. Vagner Rocha wins by tap out at 3:09 of the first round.


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