The Wait is Over and the Game is On! Live from Bangkok and radically held in a Nightclub so wild it can only be called Insanity. Do yourself a favor, get off the couch and get over to the Mecca of Muay Thai, The Original Fight Capital of the World. 

If you’ve never been to Bangkok, you clearly haven’t lived. Or you are boring. That is a possibility too. You could just be a boring sheep eating whatever the Shepard feeds you. But we hope that you strive for more than that. We hope that you shoot for the stars and achieve greatness. And witness the New Jack MMA that’s combined with the Old School NHB!

At long last the Bad Boys of Bangkok are back in Action and they are Drunk on the strongest Fight Cocktails a Man can handle. Asia may water down it’s drinks and it’s fights, but that does Not fly in Bangkok. DFS FIGHTERS come to Play. They go for the Finish, not just the win. They lay it all on the line, cause they know it’s Go Hard, or Go Home, or Go to the Hospital.

DARE is proudly mixing up a Heavyweight Cocktail of Blackout proportions on October 12th: SWAMP (Moise Rimbon, 19-9) Vs. LOKOMOTIV (Alexander Gladkov, 4-0) in the Million Dollar Tournament.

The Crazy Ukrainian Train known as LOKOMOTIV is full steam ahead as he looks to keep his unbeaten record in tact. The only problem is that when you’re going too fast, you may run into a Medicine Man like Moise Rimbon along the way… and there are No tracks through the SWAMP. Get Ready! Don’t Blink! GAME ON.

See SWAMP VS LOKOMOTIV at DARE – REBELS OF MMA – October 12 – Live from Bangkok at Club Insanity

Get your tickets now!

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