Dare Fight Sports proudly presents: TURK – Gokhan Turkyilmaz


Many people love a good Rags too Riches story. Others like stories of Riches to Rags. The Pauper that becomes the Prince. The Millionaire that becomes the Monk. 

You could’ve been born with a Silver spoon in your mouth, or never touched a Silver spoon it doesn’t much matter to TURK. A self made man with his mind on the Prize, you got a Silver spoon in your mouth TURK will ram it down your throat. You’ve never seen a Silver spoon TURK will shove one up your as$ so far your eye color will turn shiny Chrome. TURK doesn’t fight for the sport. He doesn’t fight for the money. He fights because he enjoys beating You up. He enjoys crushing your Hopes and Dreams. DARE’s Million Dollar Tourney is just the Icing on the Cake for TURK… Cause he’d be glad to beat your Ass for free.

There is No bigger Rebel with the Rebels of MMA than TURK. Get ready Fighters… TURK is coming to collect, and weather you pay up or not, TURK’s going to Beat you down just for Love of the Game. October 12th. Live from the Original Fight Capital of the World, Bangkok Thailand. TURK will teach you how to play the Game… GAME ON.

See Gokhan Turkyilmaz as TURK at DARE – REBELS OF MMA – October 12 – Live from Bangkok

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Gokhan Turkyilmaz
Nationality: AUSTRALIA
Weight Division: LIGHTWEIGHT
Fight Style: KO


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