Dare Fight Sports proudly presents: SCRAPS- James Saville

Dare Fight Sports proudly presents: SCRAPS- James Saville


There are many different types of Fighter, Athlete, and Martial artist out in the GAME of Mixed Martial Arts. It is pretty clear which one DARE enjoys the most. Although we respect them all, we prefer guys who want to fight. Who come to play the game, and may not be the most professional, but have the most Heart and Balls. Guys that don’t just talk the talk, but actually walk the walk. Guys that will spit in the palm of their hand shake yours, make eye contact, and mean what they say. Gritty and Grimy Fighters that are always up for a Scrap.

On October 12th, Live from the City that doesn’t know what Sleep is, Amazing Bangkok Thailand, Dare Fight Sports is Proud to present SCRAPS (James Saville, 11-6), The Killer of Khao San Road. A hungry Fighter out of England that may not look the part of the typical MMA practitioner, but is always ready to Roll.

Big Dogs beware, cause this kids coming to bite your ear off, and take home his slice of the Million Dollar Pie, in the Featherweight Division. So lets get up and Lets get Ill Fight Fans, cause in Bangkok with SCRAPS, The Game is always On Player! The Rebels of MMA. Be Ready. Don’t Blink. GAME ON.

See James Saville as SCRAPS at DARE – REBELS OF MMA – October 12 – Live from Bangkok

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James Saville
Nationality: ENGLAND
Weight Division: FEATHERWEIGHT
Fight Style: SCRAP

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