Dare Fight Sports proudly presents: KREEPY KRIS – Kristoffer Persson


Pigs flying through clear red skies with the wings of an Albatross?? Now that’s ludicrous! Not the rapper, Ludacris, and No Longer Ludakris! Although our Kris does make powerfully heavy Beats. Matter of fact, the last time we saw Kristoffer Persson, he was Punching Leke in the side of the head making sounds that New York Bucket drummer would be Jealous of. Thump thump Womp! The sound was described by an onlooker as creepy and nauseating.

We at Dare Fight Sports appreciate telling descriptions! Kris Is Kreepy. If you can Look him in the eyes it will make you feel Uneasy. A feeling every opponent that gets in the ring with Kreepy Kris should feel. Unnerved and Unwelcome, Kreepy Kris is prepared to Eat up his Competition like liver and fava beans. FFFfffffffFFFFfff! Generally in Life, Creepy people don’t tell you what they are thinking, they just see to it that you don’t advance in Life. Kreepy Kris is going to make sure any fighter that gets in the Ring with him… Does not advance in Life, or… In DARE’s Million Dollar Tournament.

October 12th, Live from Bangkok. The Las Vegas of the World. Asia’s Coolest Most Exclusive MMA Organization wants to hear some more Creepy Jawbreaking Beats. Presented to you live and in Full effect… By Kreepy Kris. GAME ON.

See Kristoffer Persson as KREEPY KRIS at DARE – REBELS OF MMA – October 12 – Live from Bangkok

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Kristoffer Persson
Nationality: SWEDEN
Weight Division: LIGHTWEIGHT
Fight Style: HEADKICK


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