Felice ‘Lil Bulldog’ Herrig


Felice ‘Lil Bulldog’ Herrig

By HR Baker

Herrig was born in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, and began her career in Kickboxing and Muay Thai. Herrig has a kickboxing record of 25-5-1, and is currently ranked #2 in the world in the International Kickboxing Federation Pro Women’s Muay Thai Batamweight Division.
In November of 2008 in Chicago, Illinois she defeated Katie Meehan via unanimous decision earning her the IKF Pro Muay Thai US Batamweight Title.
Herrig was a two time IKF Open Tournament Champion as an amateur. In August of 2005 in Orlando, Florida she became the IKF North American Classic Amateur Full Contact Rules Batamweight Tournament Champion, defeating Terri French of Little Rock, Arkansas via unanimous decision. In July of 2006 at the IKF World Classic held in Cedar Rapids, Iowa she defended her IKF Tournament Title, when she defeated Stacy Chung of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada via unanimous decision.
Herrig started her MMA career in February of 2009, and has a combined record of 9-5 as a pro MMA fighter. Three of Herrig’s wins have been in the Bellator MMA. On April 2010 she won a split decision over Jessica Rakoczy at Bellator 14. On December 2012 she defeated Patricia Vidonic at Bellator 84 via unanimous decision. Herrig won a split decision over Heather Clark at Bellator 94.

On December 11, 2013 Herrig received some very exciting news that she was signed by the UFC along with 10 other strawweight fighters. These women strawweights will be competing on The Ultimate Fighter Season 20. They will begin sometime in May 2014 in Las Vegas, with 5 more strawweight participates trying out bringing the total to 16 strawweights. The Ultimate Fighter is set to be aired in September 2014.
I would rank Herrig in the top three of all these strawweights. I see Herrig going into The Ultimate Fighter having more motivation to win this. It’s very possible for Herrig to get to avenge two of her loses. She could go up against Tecia ’Tiny Tornado’ Torres who defeated Herrig via unanimous decision on December 7, 2013 at Inficta FC 7 event held in Kansas City. She could also avenge a loss to Carla Esparza who defeated Herrig via unanimous decision at XFC 15 in December 2011. Herrig is 6-2 in her last 8 fights, only suffering these two loses.
I really like Herrig’s chances at winning the first ever UFC Women’s Strawweight Champion in 2014. With her skills and talent plus training under Team Curran. Look for Felice ’Lil Bulldog’ Herrig to make a huge statement on The Ultimate Fighter Season 20.


I had the chance to speak with Felice Herrig and following is what she had to say:

1) Is this like a dream come true being on The Ultimate Fighter and fighting in the UFC? Herrig: “Yes it’s a huge dream for anyone to be in the UFC. Im just glad that women are getting the attention now and happy I can play a part in it”.

2) Are you training differently now, preparing yourself for The Ultimate Fighter? Herrig: “I am making many changes to prepare for TUF. My loss to Tecia relit my fire. Im not going to get into details about what I’m doing this time around but I can promise that I will be a new fighter in the house. I feel like I lost my edge over my past few fights and I want to be a new fighter I need to find that old fighter in me that was hungry and didn’t give a f*ck about anything when I am in there”.

3) You have a chance to avenge two of your loses, (Esparza and Torres), is this something that will motivate you or something you are thinking about?
Herrig: “I know 100% that I am a better fighter than I was the night I fought Tecia but the possibility of fighting Carla hurts my heart that one is stressing both of us out. Carla really is my best friend I love her. I can’t even imagine fighting her again. I get the most anxiety over that possibility. I don’t even want to talk about it.

4) What’s your favorite fight that you’ve been in and why?
Herrig: “Hmmmm tough question. I really enjoyed my fight with Barb Honchak even though I lost a decision, it was just a great back and forth fight and it didn’t hit the ground once. it was a fun fight”.

5) Who’s the toughest in the gym to spar with?
Herrig: “I don’t have a lot of girls to spar with so I end up sparring guys. Joey Diehl is my main training partner and he is really tough”.

6) Do you think all the women fighters, (including yourself), will get along inside The Ultimate Fighter house?
Herrig: “No I don’t think everyone will get along, does that ever happen? I know I will be going into the house with some good friends so we will have each others backs”.

7) I seen where you said The Ultimate Fighter is going to be just like the Hunger Games. Can you explain that?
Herrig: “haha yeh its like Hunger Games because like in the movie at the end there is only one. Also I just saw Catching Fire soooo there’s that”.

I appreciate your time Felice and hope for the best for your upcoming TUF. Is there any sponsors, coaches, etc that you would like to thank?
Herrig: Want to say a special thank you to my fans who always stick by me, you all keep me going when I get down on myself. I have to thank my teammates at Team Curran and my coach Jeff Curran. Jeff put so much time into me in my last camp that I feel like I let him down and I am eager to get back and make him and my team proud. I have to thank my manager Brian Butler at SuckerPunch Entertainment, my career completely took off since he and I teamed up and I am not the easiest person to handle sometimes My sponsors Alienware, Allmax, SoldierFit, Dom Fight Gear, Americana MMA, RevGear, Battleware and East and West. Without them I could be a full tim fighter and chase my dreams! Please follow these people on social media as they are a part of my day to day life!


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  2. Contact Brian Butler at SuckerPunch Entertainment his info is hyper linked above in the article.

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