FCFF’s Rumble at the Roseland 68 – Full event recap and results!

The Full Contact Fighting Federation returned to the Roseland on December 15th for Rumble at the Roseland 68, with another big night of amateur mixed martial arts action.

TRumble at the Roseland 68Rumble at the Roseland 68he main event of the night featured a showdown between two champions.  When the welterweight and lightweight champions were left without opponents days away from the event, lightweight champion Clint Patterson of Team USA took on undefeated welterweight champion of Brave Legion, Luis Iniguez.

Most of the bout was decided on the feet, and while Patterson was able to bring the action to Iniguez for much of the five rounds, it was the lanky welterweight who was able to use his reach to score.  This was a back and forth war, where both fighters landed some big punches that hurt the other.  Patterson kept the pace high, looking for the finish and was able to make this fight close despite the size difference between the two.  Ultimately it was sent to the judges who saw it a unanimous decision for Luis Iniguez (49-46, 48-47, 48-47).

The co-main event of the night was a great battle between two tough ladies at the 105lb mark.  Kyra Batara of Animal House and Julia Jones put on a show for the crowd, both on the feet on on the mat.

Jones unleashed a load of punches early, and looked to have a distinct advantage with her striking, but Batara was crafty at getting things to the mat early and often.  Jones proved no slouch on the mat, but Batara worked positioning and strikes, finding mount early in the fight.  Jones would survive, and it was not until the third and final round that Batara latched to an armbar which forced Jones to tap at 2 minutes and 23 seconds.

Also on the card was an amazing showdown between two of the very best in the pacific northwest as undefeated light-heavyweight champion and former heavyweight champion Nick Biron of Alive MMA looked to defend his belt.  Across the cage was decorated and tested Jason Pittman of 503 West Coast Jiu Jitsu looking to topple Biron’s streak.

Biron came out aggressive, but very technical in his approach.  Pittman worked from the outside and looked for opportunities to counter as Biron attacked with straight punches and kicks to the legs.  At several points in the fight, Biron unleashed a flurry and landed a few hard knees to the midsection, but Pittman covered well and at times found a home for his left hook.  Biron looked in control of the fight at the end of the fourth round, and again flurried in the final seconds of the round.

As the fifth round began, Pittman was unable to continue as one of the legal punches had struck him in the eye and he was no longer able to see out of the eye to compete.  Nick Biron takes home another strong win, and retained his light-heavyweight title.

There was also a catch-weight super fight on the card with Jason Gray and Kevin Walker.  Gray has shown his strong wrestling skills can overwhelm almost any opponent, and this once again proved to be the case.  Walker stayed low, and landed a strong knee in the opening seconds of the fight as Gray dived for a takedown, but Gray refuses to be denied.

Gray repeatedly landed double legs, and a few big slams, controlling positioning through out all three rounds.  Walker was able to stifle much of the striking, and keep Gray from passing beyond half guard for much of the match, but could not stuff the takedowns.

All three judges saw a unanimous decision for Gray (29-28, 30-27×2)


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MMA Madhouse Mentions

Submission of the night – Michael ‘Gumby’ Delgado of Team Quest
Knockout of the night – John Gonzales of Animal House
Fight of the night – Clint Patterson of Team USA and Luis Iniguez of Brave Legion


FULL Undercard Round by Round Results!


Scot Davenport vs Leo McDonald (HWT Title)

Round 1

First fight of the night starts with the heavyweight title up for grabs.  We are off, Davenport swarms with big shots early and is teeing off, Davenport unloading and grabs the neck of McDonald as he ducks away from the barrage.  Knees inside from Davenport, still working for the choke, tries to snap down McDonald, who escapes and fires back but Davenport presses him to the fence before he an circle off, big jabs and McDonald eats a hard right, Davenport pressing back to the fence.  Davenport working inside and eats a knee before unleashing another flurry, McDonald just surviving, wings a big shot that misses and working in the clinch.  Good right from McDonald and Davenport swarms again, a big counter from McDonald but he’s stuck against the fence.  Big knees now from Davenport, McDonald hurt and surviving, more big shots from Davenport, a big knee and McDonald goes down and eats a knee on the ground, referee stops the action.  McDonald seeing if he can recover from the big knee. We continue the round and Davenport and McDonald exchange as the round comes to an end.

Dominant round for Davenport, 10-9 on DC’s card

Round 2

McDonald still looks wobbly as we start the round, Davenport swarms early and presses to the fence, unloading knees and uppercuts, more knees.  Davenport again looks for the choke, working more knees and has McDonald to the ground, some more big punches and the fight is stopped.

Scot Davenport defeats Leo McDonald via TKO in round 2 @ 0:59


John Gonzales vs Hiroyuki Tetsuka (180lbs)

Round 1

Tetsuka with a headkick early and a hard body shot that lands, another head kick glances and Gonzales fires his own, lots of kicks early.  Tetsuka again to the body, and checks a counter head kick from Gonzales.  Tetsuka with a good combination and shrugs off a takedown attempt from Gonzales.  Tetsuka working body kicks, then swarms with a combo, Gonzales covers well and lands a good leg kick.  Tetsuka tries to put together a combo and Gonzales circles.  Both fighters exchange headkick attempts that are checked. Gonzales with a superman punch that is blocked and throws a hard high kick that knocks out Tetsuka cold! IT’s over!

John Gonzales defeats Hiroyuki Tetsuka via KO (headkick) in round 1 @ 2:04


Joey Dursse vs Kenji X (155lbs)

Round 1

Jab early from Kenji, leg kick from Joey.  Kenji has the center, again a straight jab, Joe trying to work the outside and Kenji catches another kick and pulls Joey in the clinch, hard knee inside from Kenji, another and Joey works Kenji to the fence and tries for the takedown.  Kenji defends, more inside knees to the midsection of Joey.  Kenji at last breaks free with another knee inside.  Joey misses a big jab and lands a kick to the leg, another hard leg kick attempt misses and Kenji with a hard jab, and avoids a counter.  Kenji has the center, hard leg kick from Kenji.  Joey trying to chase down Kenji now and shoots big and has the takedown as the last ten seconds tick off of the clock.

Very close round, DC has it 10-9 Kenji but could be decided by the takedown

Round 2

Back at it, Kenji coing out and avoids the jab, stalking forward.  Body kick attempt from Joey, and a combo comes up short.  Kenji again trying to pressure, kick to the body. Another combo of Joey’s comes short, and a kick.  Not a lot of action, both trying to find range.  Body kick from Joey, Kenji stalking.  Joey pressuring now with shots, lands a combo and circles out.  Big shot from Joey is scripted and Kenji avoids easily.  Kenji now trying to pressure and lands a good right hand, and a left hook.  Joey now fires back but having a hard time with the range.  Kenji trying to chase but looking winded.  Again Joey tries for the takedown at the end of the round and it’s avoided.

Tight round, DC has it 10-9 Joey

Round 3

Final round, Joey with the jabs early.  Kenji trying to land a big shot and Joey goes hard with a kick to the body and then the leg.  Another leg kick but Kenji catches and pulls into the clinch, some hard knees from Kenji and Joey breaks free.  Kenji chasing Joey along the fence, eats a straight right.  Joey looks the faster fighter in this round but still can’t find range.  Another hard body kick from Joey lands and Kenji with a good straight left.  Joey with a big shot and Kenji ends up in sprawl, working to take the back and Joey spins out and back to his feet.  Both fighters lobbing shots that miss here, Joey circling the outside.  Jab from Kenji, another, last ten seconds sees a big shto from Joey that Kenji sprawls hard as the bell sounds.

Close round, we await the official decision

Joey Dursse defeats Kenji X via split decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28)


Nate Cook vs Jorge Alonzo (205lbs)

Round 1

Touch of gloves and we are off hard kick from Nate early and both fighters are winging big shot. Big shots from Nate and Jorge is rocked hard turns away from the fight covering up and referee stops the action as Jorge was covering and no longer engaging.  Big power from Nate.

Nate Cook defeats Jorge Alonzo via TKO in round 1 @ :30


Jimmy Jennett vs Tyree Fortune (HWT)

Round 1

Touch and we are off, Jennett pressing early, Fortune on the outside and a big two punch combo from Jennett clips Fortune before he ducks under and tries for the double leg, but Jennett defends on the fence, and they break.  Leg kick from Jennett and again Fortune is shooting for the takedown and has Jennett against the fence.  Fortune trying for the single and Jennett defending well.  Fortune abandons the takedown and breaks out, lands a kick from the body.  Jennett pressing with the center and straight punche. Has Fortune against the fence but Fortune lands his own shot, defends and has Jennett on quarters, Jennett trying to stand against the fence.  Fortune pinning Jennett to the fence ashe stands at the close of the round.

Tight round, DC has it 10-9 Jennett for control, but close round.

Round 2

Big boys back at it, Jennett marching right away and Fortune turns him to the fence.  Big knee from Fortune can’t reach 6’8? Jennett’s head and Fortune breaks free.  Body kick from Jennett is caught and Fortune gets the takedown and explodes with big shots.  Fortune has mount and Jennett almost escapes using the cage, but Fortune back on top, working back towards mount, stuck in half guard.  Jennett stifling, ate some big shots.  Fortune trying to pass, working shots on top, has posture.  Jennett still just stiffling.  Fortune working short shots on top, finds posture and lands big before Jennett pulls him back down, Fortune passes to mount as the round comes to an end.

Good round for Fortune who takes it 10-9 on DC’s card

Round 3

Final round for these heavyweights, Jennett trying to press early and Fortune with a flying knee attempt but Jennett pushes the clinch and Jennett trying for the takedown against the fence. Fortune defending and eats a knee inside, another knee and Fortune circles free.  Jennett with a good jab and a right hand counter from Fortune.  Jennett trying still for the takedown and Jennett can’t get it.  Fortune holds the neck and lands a knee inside, back against the fence.  Referee seperates them.  Jennett trying to press with straight punches and Fortune again tries to jump to reach him.  Jennett again pressing in the clinch and knees inside.  Fortune defending, trying to find his way out.  More knees inside from Jennett to the legs and thighs of Fortune. The two throw big missing shots as the round comes to an end.

Close final round, and we await the official decision

Tyree Fortune defeats Jimmy Jennett via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


Zane Behrend vs John Baker (155lbs)

Round 1

Zane with the center early and comes forward with a big combo and Baker looking for the takedown early, Zane avoids and the two throw big shots, Baker looks for a gullotine, Zane avoids and Baker with an armbar attempt that Zane avoids and now Zane attacks for an arm, Baker defends and ends up on top in side control in the scramble.  Zane rolls to quarters, trying to get back to his feet and Baker takes the back of Zane, but Zane rolls into full guard.  High Guard from Baker and Zane looking for ground and pound, but the high guard slips up and Baker again attacks for the arm and he has it!

John Baker defeats Zane Behrend via armbar in round 1 @ 1:53


Katie Howard vs Amanda Loewen (135lbs)

Round 1

Katie quickly moves in for the clinch and tries to throw, but Amanda ends up on top in half guard.  Short blows on top early from Amanda, Katie trying to get back into full guard and almost scrambles to her feet but Amanda stays heavy and keeps her in place.  Amanda working hard to pass and Katie stalling, referee stands them up.  Katie again rushes forward into the clinch, knee inside from Amanda, Katie again tries for a trip and Amanda is the one on top, in half guard again.  More ground work from Amanda as Katie is holding position.  Amanda working on the pass but Katie keeping her tied in half guard.  Final ten seconds sees more shots from Amanda on top as she tries to pass.

Not a lot of action but DC has it 10-9 Amanda Loewen

Round 2

Back to it and Katie wants no part in striking and presses the clinch but Amanda has her back to the fence.  Knee inside from Katie as she circles off the fence and and again tries for the takedown but Amanda defends, and Amanda on top in full guard now.  Rubber guard from Katie, but lets it go as Amanda finds posture and rains down shots.  Katie again pulls her down and a high guard, mostly stalling from Katie who pushes Amanda off and attacks with upkicks instead of standing and Amanda steps down into half guard, and Katie escapes to standing.  Katie quickly back in the clinch and Amanda has double underhooks, presses Katie to the fence, size seems to be a factor as Amanda gets another takedown and on top in half guard with short shots on the ground as the last ten seconds tick off the round.

Another good round for Amanda Loewen  and DC has it 10-9 again

Round 3

Katie with some strong punches early, but Amanda this time grabs the clinch, inside shots from both fighters and Katie tries for the trip but Amanda is on top. Some shots on top from Amanda and eats an upkick from Katie, but steps over into sidecontrol.  Katie rolls and gets back to half guard, stifling posture.  Amanda with a few inside shots, having a hard time getting out of half guard and Katie explodes with a sweep and is on top in full guard, not much time left to work.  High guard from Amanda is keeping the posture down from Katie.  Amanda attacks an arm but Katie defends, both ladies throwing until the bell.

Close final round, DC has it 10-9 Amanda Loewen, we await the official decision

Amanda Loewen defeats Katie Howard via unanimous decision (30-27×3)


Shane Patterson vs Michael Delgado (170lbs)

Round 1

Touch of gloves and we are off. Michale with a feint kick early and Shane pushes in for a takedown and scores the points before standing up.  Front kick glances the face of Shane as he wades forward with another big shot and a takedown, this time stays on top in half guard.  Shane pressing Michael to the fence and Michael is back to full guard, tries for the sweep but Shane staying heavy, unloads some shots before standing back and lunging in with antoher big shot, still in full guard of Michael who attacks an arm but Shane is out quickly. Michael with an omoplata and reverses, keeps pressuring and the Shane taps after his shoulder was in a lot of pain.

Michael Delgado defeats Shane Patterson via omoplata in round 1 @ 2:18


Ron Schroter vs Freddie Bailey (185lbs)

Round 1

Bailey with a big punch attempt early and follows with a big takedown, on top in full guard, Ron with upkick attempts and Ron has a sweep and has the back of Bailey, even as he stands.  Bailey presses Ron’s back to the fence, Ron looking for the choke but slips from the back and Bailey comes down on top in half guard. Bailey with posture stands up and looks to strike. Axe kick from Bailey goes a little low, quick break in action and things continue.  back at it, spinning backfist from Bailey is off the mark and another big takedown.  Bailey pushed back to full guard but lands some big strikes, Ron with upkicks to the legs and body as Bailey sits back to guard.  High guard from Ron and another upkick, Bailey almost passes in the scramble but Ron holds full guard as the final seconds tick off the round.

Good round for Bailey who controlled the action, 10-9 on DC’s card

Round 2

Back at it, high kick misses wide early from Ron, Bailey on the outside moves behind a double jab and pushes Ron to the fence looking for the takedown, Ron defending and eats a knee inside.  Bailey tries to throw and Ron stays heavy, but a double leg from Bailey gets it to the mat.  Bailey on top in half guard, short shots to the body, and steps out again, lets Ron to his feet before throwing a big right and ducking in for the takedown again, pulls Ron down with the single leg, Ron reverses and ends up on top in north/south.  Bailey rolls to quarters and shoots for the takedown but Ron sprawls hard, second attempt gets Bailey on top in half guard once again.  Last ten seconds sees Bailey with short shots on top.

Another solid round for Bailey, DC has it 10-9

Round 3

Final round, Bailey with a jumping strike early and Ron has his back, lands some shots but Bailey muscles up and slams Ron to the mat against the fence.  Bailey trying to posture, high guard attack from Ron, Bailey escapes, kicks to the legs and then steps back down into half guard.  Short shots from Bailey here.  More shots and Bailey has posture while Ron attacks a leg.  Upkick lands illegal from Ron, and a quick break in the action for Bailey.  We are back at it, no points taken, Kicks from Ron miss and Bailey shoots again, Ron sprawls and Bailey again with the second effort gets Ron to the mat.  Bailey in full guard here, and steps free.  Last ten seconds sees a few upkicks from Ron and some ground and pound from Bailey.

Should be another round for Bailey and we await the official decision

Freddie Bailey defeats Ron Schroter via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

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