FCFF Hosts First-Ever Pro Fight between returning MMA legend and his former student turned Nemesis

FCFF Hosts First-Ever Pro Fight between returning MMA legend and his former student turned Nemesis

Josh McPherson lands a KO kick at Rumble 55

Portland, OR – On Saturday, November 10th the FCFF is making history by hosting their first-ever professional mma bout. The Full Contact Fighting Federation (FCFF) is Oregon’s longest running MMA organization, often referred to as the National “Golden Gloves” of the sport. To celebrate their ten-years-in-business milestone, the FCFF has been hosting landmark events, bringing fight fans “MORE” throughout all of 2012. To date in 2012 the FCFF has:

·         Awarded twenty FCFF Championship belts in variety of division (the most given, to-date in a calendar year)

·         Awarded six Superfight Belts

·     Hosted their first-ever “Winner Takes All” Bout between the FCFF Heavyweight and Lightweight Champion; where the victor received two belts in one night at Rumble @ The Roseland 66

·         Hosted their first-ever Women’s “Main Event” at Rumble @ The Roseland 65

·       And, on November 10th at Rumble @ The Roseland 67 they will host their first-ever professional MMA Bout between Northwest MMA legend: Trent Standing and his former student turned nemesis Josh “Big Country” McPherson.

The FCFF’s first-ever Pro fight comes with a great story behind it. Trent “the Sandman” Standing was a mma legend from 2002-2006. He earned every Heavyweight Championship belt worth having from the Colorado Rockies to the Pacific Ocean. His overall record included 26 wins in the cage, with four wins coming in the pro arena. In 2007 he decided to focus on family and coaching. While wildly successful, including putting champions in all local mma events and creating his own mma promotions company, his personal fitness suffered greatly. Only four months ago he was tipping the scales at nearly 500 pounds. In four short months he has shucked 130 pounds and 20 inches from his waist training for this fight. The fire behind him surrounds his competition: Josh McPherson. “I want to teach him [Josh McPherson] a lesson, he had pulled out and no-showed in not only my Split Decision promotion but in the FCFF and other local shows too,” said Standing. McPherson is a former student of Standings, “I actually coached him for about eight months and was in his corner the last time he fought at the FCFF when he had an eight second head kick KO! I know his style. I know how tough he is. I know how great of shape he is in, and I know he has every tool it takes to walk out of the cage with his hand raised instead of mine,” said Standing. McPherson’s six second KO at Rumble @ The Roseland 55 shocked and wowed the crowd; he earned the 2011 FCFF “Hall of Fame” award for “Fastest KO” that night due to his stellar performance. As an amateur McPherson has a 20-6 record with 1-0 record as a pro. “They both think they can beat each other. They both don’t see eye-to-eye; this could be the fight-of-the-year for the FCFF,” said Kevin Keeney, FCFF Matchmaker and Co-owner.

Trent Standing’s journey back into MMA from the sidelines has been happening at Alive MMA and at 503 West Coast Jiujitsu under Professor Bill Bradley. Standing’s fighting style “Dixon Clan Do” is a mix of Irish street fighting passed on by his Grand Father, modern Jiu-jitsu and solid stand-up. Standing’s last time fighting in the FCFF was at Rumble @ The Roseland 22 against another well-known former FCFF Champ: Josh Bennett. “There is NOWHERE like the Roseland, and there is NO LEAGUE like the FCFF!” said Standing. “We are lucky to have Trent back and fight in our first ever pro fight at the FCFF,” said Keeney. McPherson’s last fight in FCFF competition was at Rumble @ The Roseland 56, where he took on Ryan Harrington and lost for the Title; both men definitely have something to prove to themselves and each other.


Standing has one more month to go until the bell rings between him and McPherson on November 10th at Rumble @ The Roseland 67; and while this started out as a “one more time” fight it’s turned into a few fights, including one that is poised to make national headlines in February in Boise, Idaho. “I am doing this for the guys out there that think they are too old; and hurt every day when they get out of bed… for the guys that can’t walk through a grocery store without leaning over on a shopping cart…for all the guys out there that think the pit bulls have been bred out of MMA and replaced with greyhounds… And, most importantly, I am doing this for the guys that can throw down and kickass in a cage and raise a toast to the other man afterwards,” said Standing.

The full fight card is available at www.thefcff.com. Tickets available at www.ticketswest.com or at safeway tickets west locations. Doors open at 6pm at the Roseland Theater and tickets can be purchased at the door. Fights start at 7pm.  Please do not hesitate to contact the FCFF press passes, larger pictures, more pictures or additional information.

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