Florida Combat Challenge

Florida Combat Challenge

The Tilted Kilt in Clearwater, FL was the place to be this last Friday night as the Florida Combat Network presented FCC 4: Path to Victory! The 4th installment of the Florida Combat Challenge was far from disappointing, 7 of the 11 originally scheduled fights were the scene of some great amateur MMA! The rare cold weather was a slight factor at the Central Florida event. The staff at the Florida Combat Network was quick to respond to make sure that fighter safety was a top priority. The canvas in the cage had become wet from the moisture in the air and the FCN staff immediately had a non-slip canvas brought out and the fights were good to go! Each of the 14 fighters that stepped in the cage on Friday brought their absolute best!

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Here is the full recap:

Fight #1 (170lb fight): Terry Janoski vs. Brian Piccolo:

Both fighters came out quick and ready to go to work. The fight went to the ground rather quickly. Janoski showed very good ground work and locked in a submission.

Janoski wins via armbar at 2:45 of the 1st round

Fight #2 (155lb fight): Jesse Gardner vs. Justin Bowen:

Early on both fighters were landing good combos. They made great exchanges during the beginning of the fight. Gardner landed multiple head kicks, big combos, and kept the fight at his pace the entire time.

Gardner wins via unanimous decision.

Fight #3 (135lb fight): Brian Deatherage vs. Jordan Pruitt:

Pruitt dictated the entire fight with his relentless ground game. He attempted a few submissions in the 1st round but was unsuccessful in finishing the fight. Deatherage landed a big punch in the 2nd round and Pruitt quickly took it to the ground where he would finish the fight.

Pruitt wins via triangle choke at 2:51 of the 2nd round.

Fight #4 (145lb fight): Daniel Matos vs. Johnny Arango:

The fight went to the ground early; they were stood up by the refs but quickly went back to the ground. This would be the foundation of the fight, each fighter battling for ground control. The 3rd round was the differential as Matos would lands some big punches that knocked Arango down.

Matos wins via unanimous decision

Fight #5 (170lb fight): Kris Bengston vs. Jafar Fortt “Knox”:

Both guys came out strong and fast. Made some good exchanges early and the fight went to the ground. Bengston showed the better ground game and therefore came away with a buzzer beater victory.

Bengston wins via armbar at 2:59 of the 1st round.

Fight #6 (145lb fight): Jerad Gonsalves vs. Julio Valladares:

They came out swinging, they came out ready for war, and they came out with the same goal in mind. They did some great work in the clinch. Valladares was landing some big knees to the body. This continued throughout the fight. Later in the fight, Gonsalves took over and Valladares seemed to slow down. Gonsalves stayed active and landed big shots all the way until the end.

Gonsalves wins via split decision                    *Valladares broke his right hand late in the fight

Fight #7 Main Event (185lb fight): Keiton Jones vs. Tony Murphy:

The fight went to the ground right away, both fighters were changing positions. They each showed good ground work. Jones landed a big takedown in the 2nd round, Murphy countered with a big slam. Murphy appeared to lock in a guillotine late in the fight, but was unsuccessful in finishing the fight. The fight continued to be a ground battle between each fighter.

Jones wins via unanimous decision.

FCC 4 was a great night of fights. Stay tuned to www.floridacombatnetwork.com and www.mmamadhouse.com for details on FCC 5!

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