FAMMA VII 3/30/2013

MMA: Anthony Pratter over Matt Holt: Rd1 0:00 Verbal Submission
MMA: Michael Duarte over Jason Chapman TKO Rd 1 2:08
Kickboxing: Shawn Waldo over Ali Ditka Verbal Submission due to foul Rd 3 0:00
Sub Match: Scott Kaady over Jarred Hull Rd1 0:00
MMA: Daniel Krout over Steve Miller KO Rd 2 0:38
MMA: Justin Juarez over Shane Sargent KO Rd 1 1:28
MMA: Jake Arden over Doug Flory TKO Rd1 1:11
Kickboxing: Chris Huff over Timmothy Schools Unable to Answer Bell Rd 3 0:00
MMA: Joshua Fernandez over David Lewis TKO Rd1 0:56
MMA: Bo Anthony over Jason Padrta KO Rd1 2:17
MMA: Forrest Young vs Joe Peek NO CONTEST DUE TO NUT SHOT Rd1 0:10
KID MMA: Sage Farnworth over Chris Cabe Ref Stoppage due to Potentially Dangerous position Rd1 0:25
Kickboxing: Christian Graves over Darby Brooks 48-47 48-47 48-47 Unan Decision
MMA SUPERFIGHT: Bryan Descloux over David McManis Ref Stoppage Rd2 1:42


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